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So guys, yesterday I made a whole bunch of chai cupcakes and lemongrass - lime cupcakes coz my parents were having a bbq. I made an oreo-cheesecake, mascarpone avokaat and mascarpone-cuberdone desserts.

In the mean time I presented the cupcakes in the Giraffe Oh Lalaaaa cupcake wrappers and apparently everybody loved them!!! yipieeeeee.

So my little giraffe has a high kawaii-factor!

I luv it.


So while I was making the chai cupcakes, can I give you a hint and tell you to be carefull with the cardamom? It is a very explicit flavor and it kinda tasted a bit like eucalyptus.

Below you see fermented pork meat (nem in Thai) with green peppers, somen noodles and szechuan pepper, fried wonton, cumcumber and tomatoes. If you are not familiar with the nem it might taste strange.





Thai isaan food

Ok ok, the picture isn't the best. It was taken with my iPhone. But now you have an idea of how it looks like.

The vegetarian Sesamsticks from Delhaize were delicious, again!!


This is the khaw niaw dam


And here are the nems


All made by my mom. Better pictures will follow.

And this is something so delicious:


Heat some oil in your wok and add chopped garlic and ginger into it. Then add the sliced vegetables and stir well.

I used chinese brocolli but you can use spitfire cabbage (luv the name) or Sweetheart cabbage. Add some dark soy sauce and black pepper and your vegies are ready. Put your veggies aside and heat the wok until maximum and fire (bake) your squid a short time.

I use this soysauce, which almost taste like caramel hihi



Exotic fruit, fresh crab and pieces of the daily life @ Vietnam

Hoi An! Hanoi?

A school friend of me, Ann went to Vietnam a couple of weeks ago. And I was looking at her pictures and found a few I want to share with you along with some of my pictures.


First of all I'd like to talk 'bout the fruit from a delicious way. My all time favorites are durian (you can buy this frozen in the Thai shop in Leuven for 3.5 euro), Mangoestan (you can buy this in delhaize but it is way to expensive there and you don't know if the fruit is still edible), sugar apple (you just can't buy it here) and really on number 1: Thai Salak Palm เมล็ด สละ

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So here is the original picture.




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hmmmmmmmmmmz fresh crab. I whish we could have this in Belgium.

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This was the last picture from Ann. Thank you!!

And the last picture is from Burma, so you thought strawberries were not available in the east?

Mountain strawberries from the north:

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 Oh I cannot resist (o; One more picture from Burma.

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♥ Luv ♥




Gezondheidsschool versus OTCG

Hello guys,


No bento, but I'll upload my pictures tonight.

Hubby was in Malaysia last week so I didn't have much time during the evenings as we (little mini me and me) stayed often at my parents place.


Yesterday I followed a short training on the five elements and study of the meridians @ the gezondheiddschool. I am studying traditional chinese medicine for a few months now and wanted to see where I am now. On one hand I was happy to see I am making good progress and already know a large part of the basis. But on the other hand, this is wasted money. You just can't learn on 1 day when it actually requires intensive study, practice and experience for many years.

So initially I wanted to do moxa therapy within 2 weeks in the same school but I won't do it. As also for this subject there are even risks when you apply moxa in conditions. Same as herbal stamp massage. This is not recommended for older people and children. So therefor, I decide to stop doing such short trainings and learn all @ OTCG as this is the official school for traditional chinese medicine.


Working with people, one must realise you can harm a human beïng just lacking knowledge. And I just don't want do be such a person.



If you are intereseted in buying traditional Thai herbal stamps you can contact me and I'll send them to you. They cost 3.5€ per piece and they are made by a traditional Thai herbalist from Kaset Sombun.

It is nice when you give a massage and then continue with the thai herbal stamp. You work with herbs that warm the body, relax and bring relief to tense and overworked muscles. Press the stamp on the pain points of the body and make rolling movements.

You can use the herbal stamps after steaming 10 to 15 minutes in a steamer or you soak the whole in a bowl of water and heat it 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave. Before you start it's recommended to test the temperature by testing it on the sensitive parts of your skin like on the inside of your arm or hand.

You can reuse them up to 7 time, by putting them in a dry place or in the refrigerator.

Do not use with children and pregnant women and pay attention to diabetes and older people.

Ingredients: Tamarind, Lemon grass, camphor, Turmeric (Curcuma), Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Acacia







Look how cute this is!

These really adorable bottles of green tea and their flavour look so pretty you can hardly resist buying them.

But there it stops as I had better cold teas in my life. It seems like the company spent loads of energy in the design rather the taste. But really,... you just need them in your collection don't you??

You can have them from any o'cool.



If you ask me which ones are the best: The green tea range from Oishi. You can get them at any oriental store in Belgium.




China: Jinghong Market, Lijiang, Traditional food

Ni Hao!

My parents just visited South-China. They send us a couple of beautiful pictures. Everything that has something to do with food or taichi they gather for me. Isn't that lovely!! They saw a whole bunch of people doing taichi and they got it on tape so I can watch it later on.

Initially I wanted to visit Mongolia for Daan Miles his spring party within a couple of years. (he is not baptised in a catholic way but in a buddhist way and therefor he will not have a traditional holy communion). But looking at the pictures of china I decided we will all take a visit to China. Thai baptism actually means welcome to the family. Let's think about his spring party like "and now you are a big boy so you can sit with us at the big table to dine with us". hihi I think that's cute (o;

The pictures below are from Jinghong Market and Lijiang.




Jinghong markt.jpg

Jinghong markt02.jpg



Thai Rice Soup ~ Khao Tom

When you feel a li'll bit ill or u are very cold this soup is fantastic! In Thailand it is a traditional breakfast soup and you can get this at different guesthouses/hotels.
I luv this soup, because it's flavours and aromatic touch.
The ingredients are quite common so when you have some rice left overs from the previous day you can easily go ahead and make this deliciousness.
Just for your information: khao means rice and tom means boiled.

2 cups minced meat (pork/beef)
1 cup cooked rice
1 tablespoon nam pla - fish sauce
2 small eggs

2 teaspoons finely minced fresh ginger
2 teaspoons minced cilantro
1 minced spring onion

In a saucepan boil your water and add ginger and pork, stirring to break it up. Reduce heat to a simmer, stir in the cooked rice, and simmer for 2 minutes. Season with the fish sauce. When ready to serve, break a whole egg into each individual bowl. Bring the soup to a boil and ladle over the eggs. Garnish with cilantro and spring onions. Cover the bowls with lids, let sit for a minute to let the egg poach.



yin: egg white
yang: cilantro, ginger, spring onions
neutral: rice, yolk, pork, beef
Because of the many yang ingrediënts this is a good autumn, winter, soup


Deer bento

I made a chickensoup with fresh carrots and peas as I really don't like canned food. Yin Yang food also discourages canned food so we make as many fresh food as possible. The Dalai Lama used to say, be kind whenever possible, it's always possible. So I say, eat fresh and healthy whenever possible hihi. Daan Miles is crazy about corns and as it is corn season so he is a very lucky boy. Broccoli is always on our menu and mister reindeer is on top of Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles.  


Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles
You can buy them in any asian food shop. Boil them for a few minutes (2-3') and rinse under cold water. This is delicious with a spicy peanut sauce and fresh green raw vegetables.



tom ka kung & pumpkin

Oh my dog!! This is delicious!! I just made a regular Tom Ka Kung soup and added pumpkin and cauliflower to have more autumn vegetables. This was sucha great idea and everybody luved this soup! So I'll make it again,.. and again,.. and again (o;

Did you know the 'tom' in tom yam and tom ka means boiled in thai?

The easiest way to have a tom ka soup is to use the Lobo tom ka paste. Add a can of coconutmilk and some chicken bouillon & p+s. Once this is boiling add the pumpkin and cauliflower and just at the end add the shrimps.

yum yum yum ♥



tom ka.jpg

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Pop Corn Fun


This recipe is typically Thai but it isn't made often in Thai cuisines. My mom luvs this! I didn't know (o; Heat some oil in a wok and add honey and pili pili and fry a bit. Then add cashew nuts and coconut flesh and stir well. We added some pop corn as well to pop it up a li'll bit.



School's almost out

The picture was taken in Cambodia.
My little boy started his 6th? week at school. Wooow. I can't believe it!?
He's talking about "nif sonja" all the time. And yesterday evening, fallin' asleep he was still sharing us the story about bearhunting. SO SWEET. luv him so much, my little wonder. Can't wait to show him the world.
Below, no bento but market places in Thailand and Burma.

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Yuzu !!

My mom gave me some dried yuzu. She gives me all kinda strange stuff which is quite unusual (o; But this is good against colds and it relaxes, so just add it in your hot bath. Maybe in combination with lavender you will sleep all night long.


Yuzu tea, however is a delicious delight and quite different then the types of tea we know. This is as u see a special citrus fruit closely resembles to mandarin but more sour... like grapefruit.
It is not dried but it's available in the eastern grocery shops in a small jar like marmalade, with honey and suga.
Try this in a cupcake or enjoy sum tea while it's still cold outside.

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Thai Fish Cakes - Tod Man Pla - ทอดมันปลา

That's so cool.
Each time I make these fish cakes my 2 man, the li'll and the big one, constantly walk into the kitchen. They loooooove fishcakes.
I make them the traditional way but without adding extra chili.
450 gr. white fish like pangasius or cod fish
1 egg
3 tabelspoons cornflour
1 tabelspoon fish sauce
Mix everything well in a food processor and add
1/2 cup fresh limes leaves thinly slice
3 teaspoons Red Curry Paste
100 g green beans, very finely sliced
Form with 2 rounded tablespoons and cook the fish cakes in heated oil until they are golden brown on both sides.


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Quail eggs

Good Monday mornin' y'all (o;
This is very simpel and very cute as well.
Actually, u can do a lot with quail eggs when it comes to bento adventures.
The package below is a mixture of sesame seeds and salt. When u mix this with rice this is very delicious but when u add some more extra sesame seeds you can dip ur eggs in it and make them so luvely.
Enjoy ur week!
PS: This weekend was world taiji day. I enjoyed taiji outside with a whole bunch of people. I'll post some pictures of the event (o;


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Indian Lassi

Oh I cannot tell u how much I'm into Indian food nowadays (o; (See chapati)
Lately my little star luvs me making him a large Lassi.
I was never a big proponent of smoothies. But Lassi is superb!!
Lassi is a popular  and traditionoal Indian yoghurt based drink. You have 2 types of Lassi, the sweet one and the one with water and Indian spices. Did I already told u I am addicted to cumin? You can add it as well. (o;
So I always make the sweet one with fresh fruit for my baby.
Take a cup of yoghurt, add some milk and a hand full of berries. Add sugar as u like and mix well.
Do not forget the most important part: decorate well
big kiss.x

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bangkok kip - khao man kai (ข้าวมันไก่)

Ooh volgende week vrijdag komen mama en papa eeeeeeeeindelijk terug van Thailand.
Mijn zusjes en ik zijn al aan het brainstormen over het buffet dat we gaan maken. We willen iets typisch Belgisch. Maar dan ook weer niet te zwaar want na een half jaar rijst en vis mag het wat licht te verteren zijn.
Hier een receptje dat ik regelmatig maak.
Dit is echt delicious! Bankok kip. Op zich is eigenlijk zacht van smaak maar met de toemaatjes wordt het smullen! Je kan het gemakkelijk overal in Thailand verkrijgen aan de kraampjes. Als je een kraampje kiest zorg er dan zeker voor dat het symbool "Clean food Good Taste" aanwezig is.
Voor de saus:
gember, koriander wortels, chillipeper en look fijnstampen.
Dan rijstazijn, arachide olie, vloeibare suiker (maar een klein beetje) en vissaus toevoegen. (Ik had geen koriander wortels dus had gewone koriander plantjes gebruikt wat niet zo aan te raden is).

In een soepkom water doen, pijpajuintjes, koriander wortels (duw je best open met een groot mes), gember, look en kip en aan de kook brengen.
Om de smaak extra te versterken doe ik er graag peper en zout en worteltjes bij.
Als het éénmaal kookt, afschuimen en het vuur wat lager zetten dat het zachtjes kookt.
na 20' zet je het vuur uit en laat je nog afkoelen.
Stoom je rijst, snij de kip en snij komkommer in schijfjes.
Serveer de bouillon er heet bij.
Ik heb hier nog enkele scampi's en inktvisjes bij geserveerd.
Dit is pure Thai fast food (o;

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Laab Isaan of de Thaise steak tartaar

Deze versie is wel gebakken. Al is hij heerlijk rauw! Indien je het rauw eet (runds/scampi) fermenteer je met limoen.
Laab kan je op verschillende manieren bereiden. Met scampi's, rundsvlees, kip, vegetarisch,...
In dit geval, neem je een steak en hak hem even en snij hem in kleine stukjes. Bak en voeg water toe en de helft van dit pakje:


Dit pakje bevat gedroogde gemalen rijst, chili, peper en zout. Om gedrogen gemalen rijst te maken ben je nog even bezig, daarom dit gemakkelijk alternatief.
Haal van het vuur, doe in een potje en voeg 1 gesnipperde sjalot, het hart van citroengras in super dunne schijfjes, limoensap en vissaus toe.



Zo krijg ik de rijst in een mooi onigri vormpje.

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Sticky rijst

Sticky rijst, spinazie in room, charcutterie en een appeltje.

Sticky rijst is kleefrijst en maak je met speciale rijst. Namelijk vol met gluten. Je kan deze alleen in gespecialiseerde aziatische winkels kopen. Ook de manier waarop je deze bereid is verschillend. Je laat ze eerst 24 uur weken in water. Nadien verwijder je het water en stoom je de rijst 30'-45'. Liefst niet in een stomer maar in een gewone kookpot met deksel. Ik leg hem in een doek en in een bamboo stoommandje.

Heerlijk khiaw niaw!! Dit is traditionele rijst van waar mama vandaan komt namelijk Isaan. Een Thaise provincie in Noord-Thailand. Het aller beste thais eten vind je 's middags bij de werkmannen!

Sun Wah
Zwarte Lievevrouwstraat 2-4
1000 Brussel




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Gegratineerde Thaise mossels

Hoe kan het ook anders? Jullie moeten wel denken dat ik niets anders dan Thais kan maken *giechel* Niets is minder waar hoor!! Strakjes maak ik heerlijke bruchetta's haha.

Dus even een improvisatietje gisteren dat waarschijnlijk al bestaat:
Kuis je mossels, scheer de baarden met gilette sensitive. We willen de tere huidjes niet beschadigen (o;

Voor de kruimeltjes:
Stoof een sjalotje en 2 teentjes knoflook, zeer fijn gesnipperd in boter en olijfolie. Voeg gehakte koriander stengels en blaadjes toe en haal van het vuur. Voeg veel broodkruim toe (Japans liefst voor tempura). En dan roeren, roeren - roeren !

Voor de mosseltjes:
Neem een groot glas cava en breng dat aan de kook met gekneuzde koriander-wortels en citroengras. Wanneer het goedje kookt zwier je je mossels in de pot, deksel erop en elke minuut even opschudden zodat iedereen is vanonder heeft mogen sudderen. Dit gedurende enkele minuten, 4 of 5 bijvoorbeeld.
Haal je pot van het vuur en ontdoe de mossel van het losse schelpje. Rangschik in een vuurvaste schotel.
Schep een lepel van het vocht (gezeefd aub) in de mosselen en strooi dan de kruimeltjes er gul over.

Zet enkele minuten onder de grill en niet te lang! We zijn geen 'sjikkeletten' aan't maken eh. Smuuuulllen smullen smullen maar!!

PS: Ik had ze gemaakt zonder die extra lepel kookvocht en dat was te droog.
Mossels in Aldi 4.99 euro voor 1 kilo Jumbo! Spijtig genoeg vond ik veel gebroken schelpen terug. Toeval? :o(


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Som Tam Thai

Lieve mensen,

Er gaat niets boven een lekkere som tam thai met khao niao. Of ter wel een groene papaya salade met sticky rijst. Eergisteren in Brussel aan de beurs geweldig gaan shoppen in de chinese winkels. Tjah, ik kan me serieus uitleven in zulke etablissementen ipv een reuze shopping center. (Tenzij het toevallig MBK in Bangkok is hihi).

Ik heb echter de groene papaya laten liggen en in de plaats gewoon wortels genomen.

Je stampt knoflook, verse chili, nootjes, wortel sliertjes en enkele tomaatjes in je vijzel en voegt tot slot vissaus ,vloeibare suiker en limoensap toe. Heerlijk ook met gedroogde roze garnaaltjes of kleine zwarte rauwe krabbetjes.

Dit gerecht, mijn bestekes, is zeer moeilijk te verkrijgen in België op authentieke wijze bereid. Zonder de vijzel is dit geen som tam!

PS: best wel een groter exemplaar nemen. Dit is nogal, euh krabjes


Sun Wah
Zwarte Lievevrouwstraat 2-4
1000 Brussel
Ook super om te gaan eten daar is Yaki, in de Visverkopersstraat, 5 stappen van de supermarkt.Het is authentiek, cosy, Thais&Vietnamees. De uitbaters zijn super lieve mensen.

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