Exotic fruit, fresh crab and pieces of the daily life @ Vietnam

Hoi An! Hanoi?

A school friend of me, Ann went to Vietnam a couple of weeks ago. And I was looking at her pictures and found a few I want to share with you along with some of my pictures.


First of all I'd like to talk 'bout the fruit from a delicious way. My all time favorites are durian (you can buy this frozen in the Thai shop in Leuven for 3.5 euro), Mangoestan (you can buy this in delhaize but it is way to expensive there and you don't know if the fruit is still edible), sugar apple (you just can't buy it here) and really on number 1: Thai Salak Palm เมล็ด สละ

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So here is the original picture.




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hmmmmmmmmmmz fresh crab. I whish we could have this in Belgium.

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This was the last picture from Ann. Thank you!!

And the last picture is from Burma, so you thought strawberries were not available in the east?

Mountain strawberries from the north:

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 Oh I cannot resist (o; One more picture from Burma.

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