R2-D2 cake for my Bday

Do u know Star Wars? Of course you do!

Well, we grew up with movies like E.T., Star Wars, The neverending story, The goonies, The Dark Crystal,...

I decided to make an R2-D2 cake for my colleagues to celebrate my Bday.

How much more can you make IT-folks happy but making a star wars cake? (o;

So here it is:


Do you remember this? It is my favorite character of my childhood movies:



Daan Miles B-day cake

Daan Miles' Bday was on October 28.

He is already 4 !! Wooow!! It felt like yesterday we saw him for the first time. Now we are buddy-buddy. I luv him so much and I can't wait to show him the world.

In school Juf Sonja is teaching the kids about halloween. So Daan Miles and I decided to make a cake in that theme. He just loved it. The day before they made pumpkin soup with spiders in school so we made a pumpkin soup with frog eyes hihihhii spooky adorable!





Taiji fotoshoot

Last Sunday we had a fotoshoot with some people from the taiji club The wushu family. I made the website for the club btw (o;

It was a fun Sunday afternoon and I received already a few foto's. They look amazingly good!! Wauw. And so professional! So let me share them with you:

Tai Chi-1.jpg

Tai Chi-18.jpg

Tai Chi-35.jpg

Tai Chi-38.jpg



logo is ready

I'm rushing everywhere to get my business starting.

To all the faithfull blog-readers here I can already tell you it's gonna be huuuuge!!!

And this will be the name of my little shop and the logo:






wiiiiiiiiii I'm so excited!


Happy weekend xxx


Koutoubiya - Leuven Muntstraat

We went on ladies night out and grabbed a bite at Koutoubiya - Leuven Muntstraat.


It's a Morrocan restaurant in Leuven's tourists street. I luuuuv going to the Muntstraat as going there you are just sure that you get good food. Quite expensive but ok. That's ok for once in a while.


I went to quite a few Moroccan restaurants in Antwerp and Mechelen and we cook Morrocan dishes quite a lot at home. I just adore the taste of cumin and cinnamon. (preferably separately of course).

But this one was the best I ever went to. I even took a doggy bag at home with the couscous only. This is not the crap we make at home. This is couscous. I just don't think you can make this traditional couscous at home.

So I decided, each time I cook morrocan food at home, I'll just order my couscous there. haha


Have a nice day!





And this is Kristel, my best friend since we were 5 years old !!!



Totoro Cake agaaaaaaain??

Kathleen and hubby celebrated their birthday and instead of my first thought, of making them a Harry Potter cake, I made a flower cake with for my little sunshine a chibi totoro.

I was so happy the little one was around as he was the cake guard! (o;


Next week I'll post the recipe for the green tea filling I used. Matcha

PS: It was actually so much fun making a whole bunch of flowers & watching tv. hihi


Happy weekend. ♥












Bokes for school trip

Yesterday my son went on a school trip to a children's farm. We needed to make him a lunch package which we call bokes in Belgium. I bet in the Netherlands they don't use that word, but let's see in South Africa,... hmmz not even there. I luv dialect and I try to speak this with my son along with Thai words so he knows a bit of all.


It has been 4 days now since the operation and I feel good, but oh my gosh, I'm always tired. I don't like it but I can't do a thang about it. I rest a lot and eat healthy. I try to get a lot of vitamins but not a lot raw food as I don't want yin to make my body work too much. I keep the energy for other thangs (o; I'll eat some bitter as that's good for the heart.




First sales item kawaii

Dear all,


First of all, I'm heeeeereeee and alive!! I'm so happy u know. The operation went well. And all seems ok until now. I was so afraid as it was a heart operation but I was in good hands. In the evening I did made a blood pressure fall and that's why I am at home resting.


Some other good news. I'll soon open a webshop (soon might also take a while hihi) just to sell papercraft and thai products. You might take a look at the following urls to buy my products if u like. If you don't like that's ok but u will miss loads of fun (((o;


Giraffe cupcake wrappers


Thai Herbal Massage balls Large


And here are some pictures:





And more of this cuteness is to come soon (and this time soon is soon)


Now I'll rest a bit.





yin yang chocolate

Based on a tutorial from Anna The Red I made these yin yang chocolates for a Taiji demo in Keerbergen.

Here is the tutorial: Yes here

And it is so much fun to make.



I also need to share you guys I will be going to the hospital on Friday as I need a heart operation. I truly hope all will go well and I'll be in the same health as I am now, even better then. As with my little boy I have so much responsibility and truly, I enjoy my life every single day. I didn't need a bad experience to believe one must cherish life. So please pray for me. xxx


Dora cake for Lara

Can you imagine dear readers, this girl already turned 4! And I had the honor to create her B-day cake, cookies, waffle wraps for 3 times in a row now.

Lara, my son Daan Miles and our nephew Pele are just 3 very good friends. So before Monday it was 3 times 3.

Happy B-day sweety!!!! I hope you enjoyed your Dora cake!!


If people ask you to create a cake and you have no idea how big it should be. Just work in layers and just make sure you have more then enough ((o; I used 750g of bisquitmix and 12 eggs for 25 toddlers and the teachers. More then enough I know.







Kunming Tofu, Province Yunnan, China

Happy Tuesday all!

It appears there is some new sort of Tofu product in Delhaize which I already ate but I don't know how the package looks like nor the price. I'm talking about small long pieces covered in panko and sesame seeds. Oh My!! So delicious! Let me found out more 'bout this new yummieness and let u know.


Lately I eat more and more vegi instead of meat. I guess it is because of the warm weather as meat is yang and creates heat inside. So why generating heat when it is already warm outside?

Tofu on the other hand is yin so perfect for warm days. I do enjoy the warm weather! And I discovered something very funny. When it is hot like it is now and I smell burning wood, I sooooo hard think of Thailand. That's a strange association no? I luv it (o; I asked hubby where it reminded him of and he said his childhood. Do you have a particular funny association? Or where do you think 'bout smelling burned wood on a hot day? hihihi (๑◕‿◕๑)


This tofu is from Kunming, Province Yunnan China. Hmmz I hope it tasted better then it looked. I'll ask my parents tonight (o; My mom gives a Thai cooking workshop tonight... Suuuure I'll upload some text and recipes here!!







totoro dolls self made.

How cute is that!!

haha, my mom, my sweet luvely mom made this totoro sweety for me.



And my sweet little sister made me this:



Gezondheidsschool versus OTCG

Hello guys,


No bento, but I'll upload my pictures tonight.

Hubby was in Malaysia last week so I didn't have much time during the evenings as we (little mini me and me) stayed often at my parents place.


Yesterday I followed a short training on the five elements and study of the meridians @ the gezondheiddschool. I am studying traditional chinese medicine for a few months now and wanted to see where I am now. On one hand I was happy to see I am making good progress and already know a large part of the basis. But on the other hand, this is wasted money. You just can't learn on 1 day when it actually requires intensive study, practice and experience for many years.

So initially I wanted to do moxa therapy within 2 weeks in the same school but I won't do it. As also for this subject there are even risks when you apply moxa in conditions. Same as herbal stamp massage. This is not recommended for older people and children. So therefor, I decide to stop doing such short trainings and learn all @ OTCG as this is the official school for traditional chinese medicine.


Working with people, one must realise you can harm a human beïng just lacking knowledge. And I just don't want do be such a person.



If you are intereseted in buying traditional Thai herbal stamps you can contact me and I'll send them to you. They cost 3.5€ per piece and they are made by a traditional Thai herbalist from Kaset Sombun.

It is nice when you give a massage and then continue with the thai herbal stamp. You work with herbs that warm the body, relax and bring relief to tense and overworked muscles. Press the stamp on the pain points of the body and make rolling movements.

You can use the herbal stamps after steaming 10 to 15 minutes in a steamer or you soak the whole in a bowl of water and heat it 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave. Before you start it's recommended to test the temperature by testing it on the sensitive parts of your skin like on the inside of your arm or hand.

You can reuse them up to 7 time, by putting them in a dry place or in the refrigerator.

Do not use with children and pregnant women and pay attention to diabetes and older people.

Ingredients: Tamarind, Lemon grass, camphor, Turmeric (Curcuma), Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Acacia






My sweet little pirate


Chinese bakery


My parrent sent me this per post, lol!! a flyer of a bakery in China. Called Breadworks.

So lovely! And they told me each few hours the counter had a whole new range of cookies and cakes. That's so amazing (o;


PS: One of the winners of the contest didn't react and this for already 3 weeks now. Yet another week and I'll pick another winner. Is that ok for you guys?

lotsa luv





Between heaven and earth



Pure beauty is an interesting website about the whole package beauty and feeling good. She's testing and assessing different products for us and tells us about different wellness treatments. http://pure-beauty.skynetblogs.be/

I just subscribed for a weekend training meridians and 5 elements theory. It is the study of yin and yang, meridians and acupuncture points. 2 weeks later I'll follow a training on moxa treatment. This is to stimulate blood and vital energy Qi. And if all goes well, next academic year I'll be studying the basic foundations of chinese medicine. (only of the government recognizes the training as only then I can enjoy training vouchers and educational leave.


Cake Chic

Daan Miles already went to second kindergarten as the first one is too big. Therefore we made these lovely oreo cookies with pink sugar icing and flower gum paste.

I guess you can take any cookie you want. But we just luv oreo cookies (if you live in Belgium, you find them in Kruidvat and Delhaize, but if you visit Albert Heyn in the Netherlands or Antwerp now they are way cheaper there). Take some powdered sugar and add a little bit (really a little bit) of water or lemon juice and start stirring, add more if needed. If you decide to make it pink and you use pink powder like a did then there's no need to pay attention on the fluidity. But when you add pink in gel or liquid don't add the water or lemon juice at the beginning as it might become to liquid. Just be carefull.

So many thanks Juf Sonja for taking such good care of my baby big boy!!





My lovely Filoe. How I miss you so much.

You were for 13 years long, my truly best friend. We were always together. Made loads of fun, went for long walks, shared super delicious food, cuddled, hugged, kissed, laughed, we were scared together, excited, sad, happy,...

I've always known you were all over my heart and I've always been afraid of the moment you were going to leave us. I whish you were small again and you could be with us for another 13 years. But hey, I enjoyed every single moment and it's funny when I think of you I realise I have thousands of different memories.

I truly hope you enjoyed life, as I chose you to share your life with me and us. You were more then our dog, you were the shining funny one and everybody adored you. Of course I still want to hold you not once, but every day again. Greet you in the morning, have you with me, and everything we used to do. But it's ok now, you were strong, and it's ok for me for you to go. I'll keep on loving you with the same strenght. All my life.

Deep in my heart you are still with me, forever as we are best friends forever, beyond the material package.


with great and humble respect xxx



Qi Jasmin tea, wakame & boeksering


For all you non-speaking dutch people let me explain you what boeksering is. It is traditional smoked herring. Many generations back people smoked it on a bucket with newspaper. Nowadays you can buy it in the supermarket. I luv this with tea and somen noodles. I also added wakame salad as vegetables which is made from seaweed.

The tea is really the best I've tasted from all Jasmin teas. And I've tasted many different ones as I'm addicted to the flavour of Jasmins (o;

This is a real healthy & Japanese o'bento. But I am sure if you make this for men they would rather eat their worn socks.


Filoe's situation is still the same, he won't eat or drink. We are very worried and it is breaking my heart. But he has no pain so we continue hoping and pushing.







my lovely Filoe

Good morning,

The contest is postponed for a few days as I was ill and my little dog is currently super ill. I don't know if he will stay with us for a long time. He is depleting his own blood and it doesn't look good. He has internal bleedings which won't stop. He's still my puppy for almost 13 years now. But when he keeps fighting, I'll fight with him. But when there is no more hope left, I'll guide him to dog-heaven and cherish him in my heart.



ITIL ICTS Service Catalogue

Did I mention I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv ITIL? And SixSigma? This sounds chinese for non IT folks but this is 1. a methodology of managing your IT hand in hand with the business & 2. project management. Did I mention am a nerd? Oh ok, I am a big time nerd and I don't mind hihi.

This cake is a catalogue for launching the ICTS Service Catalogue at work. On one hand I was so happy I could participate a small bit on this project and I was proud I was asked to make this cake. But on the other hand it still makes me sad every single day I can't work with my heart and soul in my daily job. I realise I have tons of energy I must get rid of. And people sometimes wonder, where I get the time and energy to make these bento and cake creations. But I need to have projects to get rid of my energy, where I can give myself a 100%. Like taiji and kungfu... I wonder if age tone down my fire?



You can order prints on edible paper for 3.5 euro's per A4 @ Themataarten.

Also: This week I will launch a contest with loads of presents and gifts from http://www.bentoshop.de/.

So keep tuned!!



Mega Mindy cake for Principessa Linde

I know I know,

It has been a while, oh my, more then 3 weeks! I didn't realise so I'm sorry. Hubby is studying his PMP (Project Management Professional) and tomorrow is his examen. He was studying all the time at my desk so I wasn't able to do stuff on my pc.

But heey, don't worry, I'm back and I bring you loads of fun! Something else which is funny, a dude crashed into Paris Hilton 's 30th Bday party and stole her Bday cake!! ha! so funny, as it was not planned to eat the cake. How stupid! Cakes and sweets must be eaten, no doubt 'bout that.


Now let's say something about this Mega Mindy cake. Mega Mindy is cool! She's everybody's personal hero, she's our idol, a beautiful blonde with brains, and super strong. My little boy is also super crazy about her. She's hot I tell u! And sweet principessa Linde chose this as theme for her 6th Bday party. And *bang* she had a hell of a Bday party. 20 little ones crashed into her party and they had loads of fun! Luckely Linde's mom invited some friends to join the festivities and help her out. Forget 'bout playing quiet games... ROCK ON!!!

I combined the bisquit with papercraft and here is the result:




Most cutest - kawaii

Happy Friday! (✿◡‿◡)


Don't u sometimes bump into a website where u think, woooow that's cool!

Take a look at http://mostcutest.wordpress.com. This is about a girl who likes kawaii. And becoz you cannot find a lot of kawaii here in the European region she started to import kawaii herself at a very young age and sels it @ http://mostcutest.nl/.

What I like the most in her shop is the apple decotape:


And something very cute are the lucky stars she's selling. It's something Japanese of course! and it's like micro-origami. From small strokes of paper you make lucky hearts and stars like this:


Because I found the entire thang she does so cool I gave her this cupcake wrapper with logo:




that's it for today!

CU later xxx



Panda Boo Bento

Good day y'all,


I've made this butterfly Panda Boo bento yesterday evening. But my -little me- wanted to join us for a warm meal. Which was fine for me. Of course!

So I was making fresh peas & carrots, saussages and potatoes. Just regular Belgian food. Then my hubby walks into the kitchen as he always does and start complaining,... Your carrots are still too hard, what are you doing? On Sunday I made carrot soup with crab and cream, there was too much cream in it he said, I didn't make any meat and he complained again. There isn't a day that goes by where he needs to complain. Even though I do the best I can. But hey, I am not a professional cook and I also have some off-days.

Do you also have creatures walking around in your house complaining 'bout what you do but never do those things themselves?




My mom @ the hospital in Sianoukville


Helleuw u all,


I just got an email from my dad saying my mom was in the hospital last night in Sianoukville, Cambodia. She is suffering from salmonella. Poor mama, this is so bad. But he said we shouldn't worry, of course... But still I'm a bit anxious. She's so fragile, my mom.


20101110 - 130338 - Mama.jpg



BTW: Sianoukville is great! You should go there visiting Cambodia. I luv it!


Within a week we are able to book our flights to thailand for the end of the year. Did you know you can only book 10 to 11 months beforehand? I'm so excited u know.

I asked connections and uniglobe to check the prices for me and get back to me. We will most likely go with 12 people hihihhihii.





Intensions & wishes

Dear all, dear you,


A few days ago, someone asked me about my wishes for 2011. Honostly, I didn't thought about it.

But now I know, as I spoke with a few people which were facing serious difficulties in their life and my wish for 2011 is to wish them luck and prosperity.

Perhaps you are in the middle of a struggle to say goodbye to someone special in your life, perhaps you yourself are very ill, perhaps you missed your dreams or just miss someone or you feel very lonely? There can be many reason why one need luck and prosperity. But never forget, focus on what you have.

My goals for 2011 are surely going to Thailand (yiiiiihaaaaaa) and study again. I will surely do the basic year for chinese medicine and would luv to continue with Qi massage. So I need to start saving money to be able to do this. *ouch* And most important of all, play and have loads of fun with my little boy.



China: Jinghong Market, Lijiang, Traditional food

Ni Hao!

My parents just visited South-China. They send us a couple of beautiful pictures. Everything that has something to do with food or taichi they gather for me. Isn't that lovely!! They saw a whole bunch of people doing taichi and they got it on tape so I can watch it later on.

Initially I wanted to visit Mongolia for Daan Miles his spring party within a couple of years. (he is not baptised in a catholic way but in a buddhist way and therefor he will not have a traditional holy communion). But looking at the pictures of china I decided we will all take a visit to China. Thai baptism actually means welcome to the family. Let's think about his spring party like "and now you are a big boy so you can sit with us at the big table to dine with us". hihi I think that's cute (o;

The pictures below are from Jinghong Market and Lijiang.




Jinghong markt.jpg

Jinghong markt02.jpg



Candle cakes and agression




These are 2 of my newest creations from 'think outside the box'. When I make cakes for b-days or other celebrations I try to make it not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. Until a while ago I only worked with things you can eat, but since a short while I extend that to paper craft as well. So here you see my candle cakes with eatable delights on the inside but papercraft on the outside.

Tonight I'll start painting the santa cake for Friday. It will be a 20-persons cake for Daan Miles' school.

Yesterday we went to see santa (sinterklaas) and a woman on the parking attacked us like crazy. She tried to get me out of my car but I could lock the doors right on time. She was hitting my windows like hell and was shouting like crazy... while her kids were alone in her car... what a mess :/ I was so happy Daan Miles was sleeping. I wanted to call the cops but then I needed to spend time waiting for them. While Daan Miles had a meet and greet with santa. But tonight I will go to the police to tell my story.

I wonder why a mom with 2 children is reacting like an aggresive boxer. She thought she was first at a parking spot while I was waiting there already for a few minutes. Within the 5 minutes after this incident there were 4 other available parking spots within 5-10 meters. Did you ever been faced with aggresion? Could it be the pressure of society people become aggressive and unfriendly? While she was hitting on my window I looked down and made no eye contact to not encourage the fire. Sounds stupid but I couldn't take the risc becoming injured while my little boy was in the car. crazy world. horrible woman...




Shinkansen bentobox on http://www.bentoshop.de

You know I am always looking for good prices and quality when it comes to ... everything. I am screening tons of websites selling bento stuff and I found an amazing on line shop in Germany!! yooohooooooo!!!

Check this out: http://www.bentoshop.de

It is in german but no worry, use the google translator to translate the website in any language you want. German > Dutch

I will order a whole bunch of stuff very soon and perhaps some nice people visiting the website and the blog will get overloaded with presents? Xmass presents? I don't know. I haven't said a word about it. It's still our little secret!! Bare in mind Xmass is on it's way and we still need to look for creativity to keep the presents cheap, but original and funky!

lotsa luuuuuuv


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my Bday cake

This was so cool!!

As it was my Bday I could choose the theme myself for my Bday cake. And guess what, I've chosen a Japanese lady playing with her lovely cat.


I also like the great wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai. But that was too difficult to paint (o; Maybe next time?