Ginseng *yin yang* food SP QI Xu

So I finished module 1 @ OTCG. yiihaaaaa

We learned about the basics of traditional chinese medicine and already got familiar with some basic pathology.

The fun thing 'bout it is that you get to know your own pathology and I guess I have Spleen Qi deficiëncy: Sp Qi Xu. Spleen has a major role in the digestive system in traditional chinese medicine. It distils Qi from food and drink, provides the basic for the production of blood (xue).

And Spleen sends Qi upwards while stomach sends qi downwards. When Spleen Qi is deficient your energy goes down and you get less energy, heavy legs, diarrhea,...


Ginseng, ginger, cinnamon and liquorice are all herbs with a positive impact on spleen qi.

Liquorice strenghtens Spleen and augments Qi.

Ginseng is a Qi tonic herb which reinforces the spleen.

So since a few days I drink ginseng green tea from the brand Qi and liquorice tea from the brand piramide, both fairtrade. As in fairtrade you know you have the mentioned ingredient in your product and no synthetic flavors and fragrances. Result: symtoms stopped at once.


Anyway, the reason why I want to talk about this ginseng thing is for something so very much kawaii!

Remember the movie pan's labyrinth? Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets? Ow yeah, you know where I'm going to (o; they both have little ginseng roots babies where they need to take care of. They are so kawaii I do want a tamagotchi ginseng root baby as well (o;

Look how adorable they (both) are:





Halloween pumpkin

Hi all,


Let me share you my first carved pumpkin ever!

I did have a picture of cheburashka hanging on our white board for a very long time. So I decided to make a cheburashka pumpkin instead of a kawaii totoro pumpkin.

It was a fun experiment but a pitty we couldn't eat the pumpkin.

Since Miles is totally into halloween because of school I decided to like Halloween. As actually before I found it not much Belgian.





Winactie - Free goodies - Winactie - Give Away !!

So for all you guys who click on the Like button at the right top corner from facebook or leave a message on this post you can win this item:



These are 12 adorable hello kitty cupcake wrappers. You can get them for 3.95 € in my shop @ http://www.misuno.be but when you click on the Like button at the right top corner from facebook or leave a message on this blog post you can be the winner of this adorable set of cupcake wrappers.

I'll be giving 2 items so there will be 2 winners!

Within 2 weeks on Wednesday the 28th of September I will be announcing the winners who will be picked via random.org.

You can increase your chances by clicking on the like button and leaving a message as well. But you can only leave one message per e-mail address.


Good luck darlings!!




The winner of the previous Give Away

Do you see this blogpost coloring rouge of shame?

In March I held a give away with 2 presents where only 1 person reacted. I still have the present nr2 which I got from bentoshop hence after all this time Random.org announced the second winner!

Removing the first winner and person who didn't react I still had 26 candidates.

Random.org has chosen number 15 which is Kastaarke.


And this was her message:


Juij!!! I luv it when this gifts can make kids happy!!

So Dear Kastaarke, you can expect this gift soon in your mailbox!!








Most cutest

So you can see I added a new link at the left side on my blog under "blogjes die ik graag lees".

Most cutest has a blog and a shop with lotsa adventurous and kawaii stories. I mentioned her before, Marjet but I want to mention her again as she made a journey through Asia which seemed to be very excited.

Read her stories! It's in Dutch so for all the dutchess'es among us (o;





first sale is a fact

So guys, yesterday I made a whole bunch of chai cupcakes and lemongrass - lime cupcakes coz my parents were having a bbq. I made an oreo-cheesecake, mascarpone avokaat and mascarpone-cuberdone desserts.

In the mean time I presented the cupcakes in the Giraffe Oh Lalaaaa cupcake wrappers and apparently everybody loved them!!! yipieeeeee.

So my little giraffe has a high kawaii-factor!

I luv it.


So while I was making the chai cupcakes, can I give you a hint and tell you to be carefull with the cardamom? It is a very explicit flavor and it kinda tasted a bit like eucalyptus.

Below you see fermented pork meat (nem in Thai) with green peppers, somen noodles and szechuan pepper, fried wonton, cumcumber and tomatoes. If you are not familiar with the nem it might taste strange.





Here I am back from being bussy

Hello guys and dolls,


Soon you will have me back. (o; We are now launching the website and Misuno shop so it is taking quite some time.

I am working on the designs and getting myself through the duties of the Belgian laws to get everything done. It is a lot of work but my little sisters are helping me a lot. But there is 1 thing I keep having in mind. This is fun!!! I'm really having a blast (o; It's so excited because you just don't know where this will be heading to. 


In the mean time I did make loads of kawaii and here you go:



These are shrimps made on the laab manner with nam plaa (fish sauce), mint, coriander leaves, sjalots, a bit of pilli pilli and liquid suger. I also burned rice in a pan until brown and grind it in a mortar. I usually make a lot of this and keep it in a jar. It gives an unresistable flavor of popcorn and rice.


I see you soon guys!!!




Totoro Cake agaaaaaaain??

Kathleen and hubby celebrated their birthday and instead of my first thought, of making them a Harry Potter cake, I made a flower cake with for my little sunshine a chibi totoro.

I was so happy the little one was around as he was the cake guard! (o;


Next week I'll post the recipe for the green tea filling I used. Matcha

PS: It was actually so much fun making a whole bunch of flowers & watching tv. hihi


Happy weekend. ♥












Yulia totoro cake N°2

Good Morning World!!

I am back at work hihi. And look what Yulia, my colleague send me.


What a sweet totoro cake!! How cool is that. Last year she made her first totoro cake: http://bentobaby.skynetblogs.be/archive/2010/06/03/yulia-...

This one is so adorable!! I'm already curious for next year hihi.




Dog bento

When the boys are together, I mean, my son and his nephew Pele (adorable name isn't it?) it's always fun. These 2 and little Lara are partners in crime.

I luv to make double bento's. And they are so sweet and eat it all without complaining.




First sales item kawaii

Dear all,


First of all, I'm heeeeereeee and alive!! I'm so happy u know. The operation went well. And all seems ok until now. I was so afraid as it was a heart operation but I was in good hands. In the evening I did made a blood pressure fall and that's why I am at home resting.


Some other good news. I'll soon open a webshop (soon might also take a while hihi) just to sell papercraft and thai products. You might take a look at the following urls to buy my products if u like. If you don't like that's ok but u will miss loads of fun (((o;


Giraffe cupcake wrappers


Thai Herbal Massage balls Large


And here are some pictures:





And more of this cuteness is to come soon (and this time soon is soon)


Now I'll rest a bit.





"4-uurtje" mei totoro

This is a "4-uurtje" as we say it in Belgium.

Everything is edible. Some sandwiches, raspberry muffins and tomatoes. Mei from totoro is also edible. It was printed by fairy Fran from de Taartenfee.

Tomorrow the l'll bunnies will go to the Zoo in Olmen. I need to prepare an obento but which theme?

Enough to think about today ((o;



carrot & pumpkin pie approved by a Deer

This is a pumpkin-carrot pie. I just took a small pumpkin, some carrots and cooked them. Then I blend them with p+s, nutmeg and goatcheese. I just used ready shortkrust pastry and of the left overs I made the deer and hearts.

It's always nice, even if it isn't a real bento to add a kawaii touch.





Cheburashka Russian kawaii

It never came across my mind our Russian friends had so much creativity in their fingers. (except for conclave obscurum) According to history lessons they seemed cold and distance to me.

But look at this, look how cute! this is kawaii N°1!!

This makes me so happy. And look what I found in a small asian store in Leuven. A bottle with 'something' promoted by Cheburashka hihi. So amazing. But I don't dare drinkin' it!! (o; lol


These pictures are unresistable and I just need to share them with you. ♥


Credit: kgbstyle


Credit: Oleg Dou

It's time to create an obento from this luvely creature (o;




totoro dolls self made.

How cute is that!!

haha, my mom, my sweet luvely mom made this totoro sweety for me.



And my sweet little sister made me this: