Unagi Bento

Unagiiiiiiiiiiii (o;
Are u a friends lover?
Did u remember the episode 'the one with unagi'?
Ross, Monica and Rachel doing some self defence and Ross stating they lack unagi: total awareness. euh zanshin actually.
[Anguilla japonica]
Well in fact unagi means fresh water eel.
Anago however, means salt water eel.
I made some unagi the Japanese way and it was quit allright.
750g eel
2 tablespoons oil
4-5 tablespoons mirin
4-5 tablespoons soy sauce
Clean the eel and add the oil. mix well with ur hands and place under the grill.
Boil the mirin and soy sauce and pour a few spoons over the eels.
Put back under the grill until it's dry and repeat adding sauce until ur sauce is finished.
This takes about 10'.
What u see on the rice is from the package below. Shisho Furikake
It is made from with Japanese plum pieces (umeboshi), pickled beefsteak plant, sesame seeds, salt and soy sauce. Sprinkle it on warm rice and form into onigiri rice balls.
You have it in green as well made from radish.
♥Yum Yum♥

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Panda Kopanda bento - パンダ・コパンダ

Good morning all of u
Panda Kopanda is a Japanese movie from *Hayao Miyazaki*.
The fun thing about this movie is they really talk about obento as Mimiko, the little girl made obento for papa panda and baby panda.
This movie is amazing and so funny. We all love it so much.
Below, tortilla de patatas and nori, artichoke, broccoli, avocado with sesame seeds and yakitori.
Both artichoke and avocado is very good against cholesterol.
While broccoli is a breast cancer fighter.
I still need to choose my organic island lip balm @ playstand. Which one do you like?

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I won !!

3 days ago I told u guys and dolls I made a photopshop picture for a contest on cherryfizz?
Well the nice lady from the shop playstand who made this contest possible chose mine!
I am so happy! I thought we only had bad luck lately as it is quite a difficult time for us.
We won! I won! Oh happy happy me! Look @ me laughing. (o;
You can see the article on this website of Cherryfizz.
Here is a snapshot of the article:

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Tractor Cake

Good morning all,
Last week my li'l boy asked me to make him a tractor cake.
As it was the first time in his life he asked for a particular theme himself I was happy to make him this cake:
It's marble cake covered with white suga paste painted with edible paint.
Loves it!


Eggs on 60°C

In this experiment I tried to heaten the yolk of an egg to 60°C for about an hour or something. We luuuuved the hard yolk at the top as the skin on freshly boiled milk.
So for breakfast we had homemade rolls with goat cheese and yolk.




Wild Cherries


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This mom of 2 kids has a whole carreer on the internet. Currently because she just gave birth to Celina, her princess she is doing quite some win-actions.
I took part of one of them to win some organic island lip balm shell.
Take a look at the contest if you feel like: http://cherryfizz.nl/page/3/
She has a lovely feeling for digital scrap-booking-art but the make-up part is not my cup of tea.
I've send this for the game:
Comming up soon:
♥ do u also luv wild cherries?
♥ how to make larme du tigre shrimps? My mom gave permission for a real fotoshoot with her making this deliciousness
♥ how to: sticky rice in the microwave But first I'll need to go to the thai shop as I ran out of glutinous rice.

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Chinese temple Cake

Dear folks,
I didn't update my blog for a whole while. Hubbies dad passed away and we are in pain.
Still, we held my oldest sister's birthday-party a few days ago and I gave her this cake.
The chinese house was so lovely! I saw the image on the web. It was so peacefull, floating on a lake like in the korean movie spring, summer, fall, winter and spring.  Luvs it.


School's almost out

The picture was taken in Cambodia.
My little boy started his 6th? week at school. Wooow. I can't believe it!?
He's talking about "nif sonja" all the time. And yesterday evening, fallin' asleep he was still sharing us the story about bearhunting. SO SWEET. luv him so much, my little wonder. Can't wait to show him the world.
Below, no bento but market places in Thailand and Burma.

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de winnaar!

Ok, dit was spannend (o; wiiiiiii
Ik dank jullie allemaal om mee te doen aan de wedstrijd. Ook al heb ik zelf niet meegedaan of ben ik niet de winnaar, ik vond het wel mega spannend (o;
Dank je wel Pichouline voor de funky kadootjes en de steun.
Maar nu, genoeg gezeverd, de winnaar *trommelgeroffel*
De winnaar is:


Proficiat Kati!
De kadootjes zullen spoedig bij je thuis liggen.
Toch erg bedankt aan Sarah (ik ben ook erg nieuwsgierig naar je bento's), Marleen dank je wel, Katrien de mickeys zijn tof om te maken ook is proberen (o;, Chibi Yulka, grote Yara en Lijntje, Emy Stardustje, Dany met de lieve kapoentjes, Sarah T (profiteer maar van de actie (o;, Daria taartenelfje, Annouchka ook een taartenelfje, Lila Vanille zich klaarmakend voor de trouw (heb je je kleedje al gekozen?), FiloSophietje grootste fan van de Michael (o;, Katrien van de bureau hier recht over me, Funked mijn zusje op wereldreis die we erg missen en Christa onze eerste kandidaat; met nieuwe blog!

Vergeet de doorlopende actie niet bij http://www.pichouline.be De eerste 4 bestellingen krijgen deze kadootjes (zonder het party-pakketje) er gratis bij van Véronique van Pichouline.

In augustus/september zal er waarschijnlijk weer een nieuwe wedstrijd georganiseerd worden.
Veel geluk en tot ... ♥

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laatste kans op funky gratis kadootjes

Gewoon hier beneden reageren. (o;



Chocolat Meringues
4 egg whites
220 g fine suga
100g pure chocolate finely chopped

Preheat the oven to 120°C
In a clean, dry bowl whisk egg whites until soft peaks form.
Gradually whisk in the sugar until stiff peaks form.
This can take a while ... I was wondering if I messed up but it was fine (o;
Stir together the chocolate and fold gently into the meringue.
Spoon tablespoons of the mixture onto the trays and place into the oven for about 1 hour - 1.15h.

I've decorated the plate with zuk zak suga: http://www.zuk-zak.com
More to expect from zuk zak... soon!

I am so curious who will win the game (o;



Wedstrijd voor gratis kadootjes: The game is on!!


De Prijzen van de hoofd-winnaar:

Dit party pakket is gemaakt uit papier. Deze term noemt paper craft en is erg funky.
Het pakket bestaat uit een vlaggen-slinger, 12 cupcake ringen, 12 party-zakjes, 12 rietjes buttons en 12 mini-snoepjes zakjes.
Zo kan je feesten in een bepaald thema en ziet het er allemaal super uit!
Het wedstrijd regelement is zeer simpel.
We hebben 1 hoofdwinnaar en daarbij nog voor 4 personen zeer leuke prijzen.
Wat moet je doen?
Gewoon een berichtje plaatsen onder dit blog-bericht.
De winnaar wordt op Maandag ochtend 21 juni bekend gemaakt en wordt uitgekozen via random.org. U hebt dus 1 week de tijd om te reageren.
De eerste 4 die bij http://www.pichouline.com een bestelling plaatsen met code BentoBaby krijgen een extra kado bovenop hun bestelling van de panda prikkers, de panda presenteerschaaltjes en de Balan Dako presentatieringen.
Ik wil ook eventjes Véronique van Pichouline in de bloemetjes zetten want alleen door haar is deze wedstrijd mogelijk gemaakt. Ze heeft een keitof on-line winkeltje voor feestjes in stijl en is erg populair in de media zoals bv. Flair. Wil je je feesten boosten dan is er ook maar 1 adres: http://www.pichouline.be
Ik wens jullie ontzettend veel succes! En moge de winaars mensen zijn die al dit kawaii in hun hartjes zullen sluiten.

Why is this message back in Dutch? Becoz it’s a contest for .belgium only.
Does this make you sad? Do u feel unhappy becoz of that?
Please mail me and share your country with me so I can plan a global game for the future.

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Mickey Mouse Wedding Cake: first trial

Happy Friday!
My dearest aunt will marry soon.
As we have a special bound I wanted to do something special for her.
She's always so sweet to my nieces and nephew and so we decided to join for a workshop just before the marriage to have a mickey-licious afternoon.
So here's my first trial:

Notes: I didn't like the bisquit as it was 2 spongy. So I will make this with quatre-quart next time. My mom didn't like the topper so I'll give it a shot with melowcakes. (we call it different, but it sounds awefull)
The fun thang with mickey is that it is sucha flexible figure.


Free Give away announcement - Gratis Kadootjes wedstrijd aankondiging

Hi all,
I would like to announce 2 all of u, that as from next Monday there will be a free give away contest on this blog.
There will be 1 winner only getting loads of kawaii gifts from this amazing shop http://www.pichouline.be/.
More details will be posted soon.
So to all of you guys, keep your eyes on bentobaby!!
Below, fresh pop-corn made the traditional way in a self made bag with brand logo of Pichouline.
Sweet dreams.


Strawberry Fields Forever

Don't u love strawberry season?
This is a saté-stick with Jazz-apple and strawberries under a nice sun umbrella.
Seems like someone feels like eating this from top 2 bottom (o;

It has been a while since I went for bento shopping. But knowing me, I always do some serious investigation comparing prices, watching exchange rates etc.
Let me tell u this, the euro rate isn't quite well nowadays and can make a difference up to 1 euro per bento box compared to last month.
I did found an address to buy panda picks and other cuteness in Belgium and I'm gonna order soon.
These panda picks costs 2.90 euro while these are the prices from other trustfull bento shops.
Ebay: 4.99$
Bentocraft: 4.56 euro
Casabento: 6.99 euro
So ladies & Gentlemen, I'm gonna do some shopping  @ http://www.pichouline.be (o;

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Animal Bento & Sticky Rice

Good Monday Morning y'all,
To stay in the animal cloud of my little star, I made this delicious animal bento.
For the first time ever I made sticky rice in the microwave.
I am not a micro-wave-woman but I didn't feel like steaming last night.
This works well I tell u wiiiiiiiiiiii.
I soaked the rice for half a day in fresh water.
Then covered the food container with a lid and put it in the microwave for about 3 minutes.
I removed most of the water and stired the rice well. Then again placed it in the microwave for about 3 minutes and it was ready.
So easy (o;

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Giraffe Bento

Because my little boy is learning about wild animals his second week @ school I made a lion bento last week. This weekend I made a giraf bento for breakfast.
We enjoyed the weekend together. Did u?



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Thank you Skynet

It doesn't leave me unmoved.
I have a dream. Not the size of Martin Luther King but still, it is a dream, my dream. And it means the world to me.
I wanted Vlaanderen get familiar with Bento - Charaben. Make Thai food once in a while. Enjoy making food a different way. Perhaps restaurants to adapt their boring kip met appelmoes or ballekes in tomattesaus to funky bento.
Last week this bentoblog was nominated on Skynet's Facebook and since yesterday this bentoblog is on their homepage. http://www.skynet.be/
What once started as a trial for my little boy, grew out to this bentoblog and I truly hope each one of u try this once and make someone happy, yourself for example (o;
Thanks a lot to skynet, but even more to all of you for visiting bentobaby from time to time.
Lotsa luv

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Making ur own brand

Fellas, Princesses,
My hubby is doing well again! Yesterday the doc looked inside his heart (via his groin) but it was filled with luv (o; hihi He need to continue doing sports and eat less cholesterol.
Less cholesterol ??
Oh my dog. I cook fresh every day. Try to work with season fruit and vegi's and now they tell him there's 2 much cholesterol in his blood? grmbl
Anyway, let's look at it as new challenge.
I already asked the free cookbook at http://www.benecol.be
I am sorry I didn't make much of bento this week but with hubby in the hospital it wasn't easy. I did create these lovely t-shirts from totoro for Daan Miles.
Buy the papers from HP, print and iron them on a tshirt or whatever. It's cheap and unique. What do u want more? We love them (o;
I must admit I do regret I bought the labels for 10 euros at lovelylabels.com. You better make them your own this way.

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Yulia's totoro cake

.~°Congrats to Yulia !! °~.
My sweet colleague from upstairs who is crazy 'bout Hayao Miyazaki created this superb totoro cake. She has 3 lovely boys and another sweet colleague Kim.
It's so cool to work in a place with such creativity. I luv my job.
Please pray for my hubby. He is in the hospital :/


Lion Bento



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Happy Friday guys & dolls!
A few days ago I made an uki bento with cheese for my godchild Dauw.
Oh-My-Dog... We luuuuuuuv uki!!!
It looks like the 3D animation of musti but it's waaaay more cuter.
Expect a real UKI wave
So here's a bisquit with klop-klop and fresh strawberries inside.
After trying to make a fresh bisquit from scratch a couple of times I just gave up and used the bisquit mix of aveve. I also have an oven heath controller now and I used the hot air oven. Splendid (o;
PS: note the rounded edges. an Idea of LilaVanille
The photoshop tutorial is here: http://www.absolutecross.com/tutorials/photoshop/interfac...




Stokje 3-10

3. I loooove my family and to be honost, partying comes along with my family. It's one word haha. Family and Friends are very important. What would you do without them? Filoe my american cocker is a family member as well ((o;

4. Even though I am just a beginner I like to practice taiji. I did gymnastics all my life but getting a bit older I had enough of it. Taiji is a bit too calm so I would like to do wushu as well once I am comfortable within taiji. I am a heart patient and taiji brings silence in my mind and my body. I just love it!

5. Point number 5 is what is on this blog... Bent♥♥♥ (o;

6. I lost my heart in Cambodia, in Prasat Kravan and Ta Prohm more exactly. I floated on Inlé Lake and saw people grow food and flowers on floating gardens. I feel at home at the other side of the world in a small village called Kaset Sombun. I am a world citizen. ((o; I am playing with the thought of writing a book about living between cultures. As there is something strange about it, lovable and funky (o;

7. Windows and cheap charly shopping. Despite the wealth and social platform we live in here in Belgium we are a very expensive country. So I buy loads of stuff in Thailand and nowadays I screen the internet looking for cheap prices and delivery costs. Bargains make me happy hihihihihihi.

8. IT: I am a woman of bits and bytes. I grew up between computers and I am working in IT for a very long time. I am ahum crazy about ITIL and luv to work with computers.

9 & 10 together as it is so important: ~Be loved~


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Stokje 1-2

Good morning all,
I urgently need to be a bit more creative because lately I haven't created any bento anymore. I guess it is because in May there are 2 much things going on.
However, I received the happy 101 stick from the luvely Lila Vanille (she's adorable u know). It is something virtual which describes what you luv and makes u happy.
So here is point 1:
1. My sweetheart Daan Miles: Are there words to describe how this li'l creature, my own creature, touches my life so deeply. How sucha small baby is able to put your world upside down? A small but brand new life is able to teach you the wisdom of his holiness the Dalai Lama. Where everything that was so important has no more value at all. Because of you, my luv Daan Miles.
2. That brings me to point 2. I don't know how to call this but it always makes me happy when I can do something for people without wanting something in return. Or even giving people the feeling of compulsion in returning something. It is awkward in this world, I know. And people think I'm nuts. But I would like to share this with others and keep this alive. Not everything has a price you know.

If ever you want to go on meditation training in Thailand you can always go to Wat Dhammakaya in Thailand - Bankok.

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Simpel Bento

haha! U wouldn't believe it but these were some left overs from the previous day going out for diner. Like every decent person with oriental genes u just cannot resist on doggy bags. (o;
We also completed Daan Miles' first week at school successfuly. It was a major step but my son is doing great. I am sucha proud mom (o;
Note the new picture below of the Belgian Wafer Cover. That's how my best friend wrapped them. Aren't they adorable?
Wishing u all a great long weekend and for the guys and dolls who are in town, don't forget there will be a enormous circus party going on in Leuven.

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Bento boys & girls


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Pink Cupcake Clouds for mommy day

Haha, u cannot see my cupcakes (o;
These were the yuzu cupcakes which were sooooo fine. I made them with a 4-4 cake recipe which is 1000 times better then the muffin recipe I used to use before. I just adore the name only: quatre quart. Yesss in Belgium we also speak French. (o;
3 eggs which u need to weigh +/- 125 g (we have small eggs from our own chickens)
The same amount butter, suga and flour. 2 packages of vanilla suga.
Mix thoroughly the sugar with the soft butter.
Add the egg yolks.
Add the sifted flour.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
Blend 1/4 of the eggs into the mixture to relax it and then combine the rest gently.
Bake in warm oven 180°C for about 30'... something
I still need to practice my swirls but I don't have tools making them luvely.
I do adore the cupcake wrappers!



Panda! Go Panda!

This Japanese movie is so fantastic.
It's a pitty this work of art is never translated in Dutch.
There are quite some Japanese movies which are fabulous. Luckely my li'l boy is still at an age where he doesn't care about the language *big smile*
This movie is about a little girl called Mimiko. She looks a bit like Astrid Lindgren's Pipi. She has no parents and lives with her grandmother beside a bamboo grove. One day Mimiko's grandmother goes away "for a while". A baby panda appears in the garden along with it's father, Papa Panda. Mimiko asks if Mr. Panda could be her father too, and he agrees.
We luv to sing this song! Makes u happy!



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Wafer Cover

Hi y'all
Today was the first day at school for Daan Miles.
We were very excited but he did great! I hope he will be fine. It's only a few hours and he will be with his lovely Katti soon.
I saw a mom and a little one both crying. oh dear!!
I was proud my baby learned so much these 2 years and a half and that he's strong enough he can go to school. Hallelujah!! We're blessed.
I am also developing a wafer cover for Lara's 3rd Birthday. My best friend's daughter.
If you want to use it just have it printed. Add a napking inside and stick it on the back with a lovely sticker (See below). Write the name in the label.
Have a luvely Monday!



fish sausages



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