pipi longstocking cake

Nona is my little niece's baby-girl. Before my niece had any children she even refused to look at pink-hello kitty things I guess. And now her house is probably filled with plush, pink, sparkels, hello kitty. She could have been the one who invented the http://www.kittyhell.com/ blog. Which is so funny.

Anyway, for Nona's first cake she chose pipi longstocking. And here is the result:



my lovely Filoe

Good morning,

The contest is postponed for a few days as I was ill and my little dog is currently super ill. I don't know if he will stay with us for a long time. He is depleting his own blood and it doesn't look good. He has internal bleedings which won't stop. He's still my puppy for almost 13 years now. But when he keeps fighting, I'll fight with him. But when there is no more hope left, I'll guide him to dog-heaven and cherish him in my heart.



Shinkansen bento

Good Morning y'all!


Look at this lovely new bentobox we got from the bentoshop store!

I was so excited talking to the owner Simone, ordering and receiving the package @ home. What a sweet lady she is! I am sensitive when it comes to quality, but this went perfect! On time, quick, u know (o; wiiiiiiii


This will be one of the prices you can win in the contest I'll launch this week. This bentobox is surprisingly large! Thus for European standards. Sometimes I find the bentoboxes too small but this is perfect!

You have 2 layers and the close method is very practical. I loooooove shinkansen. Look how cute it is.

Currently this bento box is on sale for 3,90 €.


Did you notice totoro?? It is edible paper print. Yeah I could have cut it better but as always I was in a rush (o;


Happy day all of you!!




ITIL ICTS Service Catalogue

Did I mention I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv ITIL? And SixSigma? This sounds chinese for non IT folks but this is 1. a methodology of managing your IT hand in hand with the business & 2. project management. Did I mention am a nerd? Oh ok, I am a big time nerd and I don't mind hihi.

This cake is a catalogue for launching the ICTS Service Catalogue at work. On one hand I was so happy I could participate a small bit on this project and I was proud I was asked to make this cake. But on the other hand it still makes me sad every single day I can't work with my heart and soul in my daily job. I realise I have tons of energy I must get rid of. And people sometimes wonder, where I get the time and energy to make these bento and cake creations. But I need to have projects to get rid of my energy, where I can give myself a 100%. Like taiji and kungfu... I wonder if age tone down my fire?



You can order prints on edible paper for 3.5 euro's per A4 @ Themataarten.

Also: This week I will launch a contest with loads of presents and gifts from http://www.bentoshop.de/.

So keep tuned!!



Mega Mindy cake for Principessa Linde

I know I know,

It has been a while, oh my, more then 3 weeks! I didn't realise so I'm sorry. Hubby is studying his PMP (Project Management Professional) and tomorrow is his examen. He was studying all the time at my desk so I wasn't able to do stuff on my pc.

But heey, don't worry, I'm back and I bring you loads of fun! Something else which is funny, a dude crashed into Paris Hilton 's 30th Bday party and stole her Bday cake!! ha! so funny, as it was not planned to eat the cake. How stupid! Cakes and sweets must be eaten, no doubt 'bout that.


Now let's say something about this Mega Mindy cake. Mega Mindy is cool! She's everybody's personal hero, she's our idol, a beautiful blonde with brains, and super strong. My little boy is also super crazy about her. She's hot I tell u! And sweet principessa Linde chose this as theme for her 6th Bday party. And *bang* she had a hell of a Bday party. 20 little ones crashed into her party and they had loads of fun! Luckely Linde's mom invited some friends to join the festivities and help her out. Forget 'bout playing quiet games... ROCK ON!!!

I combined the bisquit with papercraft and here is the result:




Most cutest - kawaii

Happy Friday! (✿◡‿◡)


Don't u sometimes bump into a website where u think, woooow that's cool!

Take a look at http://mostcutest.wordpress.com. This is about a girl who likes kawaii. And becoz you cannot find a lot of kawaii here in the European region she started to import kawaii herself at a very young age and sels it @ http://mostcutest.nl/.

What I like the most in her shop is the apple decotape:


And something very cute are the lucky stars she's selling. It's something Japanese of course! and it's like micro-origami. From small strokes of paper you make lucky hearts and stars like this:


Because I found the entire thang she does so cool I gave her this cupcake wrapper with logo:




that's it for today!

CU later xxx



How to - cupcakes

Hello hello,


I just want to share you a quick how to for the cupcakes.

I guess the secret for making gorgeous cupcakes is patience. It actually doesn't matter if you are creative or not, it's just a matter of enjoy things where you must have patience.

This first picture shows how you can glue things on your gumpaste. This is edible glue from de taartenfee and you better glue your items with a paintbrush n°1. On the back you see the silver pearls I got from ava papierwaren. You have a whole section of birth articles where you can find great stuff.



The second very important thing is because everything is so tiny to use some tweezers. In this case I used them to glue the flower, the silver pearl and the oyster pearls. I got the oyster pearls for 1,5 € and you get around 350 pearls in different sizes. Which is great! Different sizes for pearls are absolutely trendy.




Here you see the tools I used to shape the flowers in gumpaste. Gumpaste is absolutely great to work with. And to be honest, the gumpaste from stonemanor is a little bit cheaper then from de taartenfee but the quality from de taartenfee is much better then from stonemanor. The flowers come in packages of 3 in different sizes and costs 5€. I used the stick with ball to shape the flower from flat to a spherical. The rolling pin I got along with a book and some other tools for new year from hubby.





At last,... this is also something brand new, it's edible lustre snowflake from sugarflair that adds a pearlised or frost-like lustre to sugarpaste. It sparkles your cupcake to a higher level. This small tube costs 2.90€ and even if it seems a little, you can sparkle for years (o;



See you guys & dolls!



Cupcakes for a sweet 18 year old, gorgeous girl



For her sweet 18, Linde's mom ordered a whole bunch of cupcakes with me !!! (wiiiiiiiiiiiiii) She came to me already weeks ago, telling me about this great idea she had for her daughter. Later on, she showed me some pictures and *bang* I knew exactly what she wanted. Gorgeous pink stylish cupcakes. The way I like them to be. And on Friday she had a surprise party while on Monday she treated everyone at school.

Isn't life great? It's the small things that makes us happy.







Panda Boo Bento

Good day y'all,


I've made this butterfly Panda Boo bento yesterday evening. But my -little me- wanted to join us for a warm meal. Which was fine for me. Of course!

So I was making fresh peas & carrots, saussages and potatoes. Just regular Belgian food. Then my hubby walks into the kitchen as he always does and start complaining,... Your carrots are still too hard, what are you doing? On Sunday I made carrot soup with crab and cream, there was too much cream in it he said, I didn't make any meat and he complained again. There isn't a day that goes by where he needs to complain. Even though I do the best I can. But hey, I am not a professional cook and I also have some off-days.

Do you also have creatures walking around in your house complaining 'bout what you do but never do those things themselves?




My mom @ the hospital in Sianoukville


Helleuw u all,


I just got an email from my dad saying my mom was in the hospital last night in Sianoukville, Cambodia. She is suffering from salmonella. Poor mama, this is so bad. But he said we shouldn't worry, of course... But still I'm a bit anxious. She's so fragile, my mom.


20101110 - 130338 - Mama.jpg



BTW: Sianoukville is great! You should go there visiting Cambodia. I luv it!


Within a week we are able to book our flights to thailand for the end of the year. Did you know you can only book 10 to 11 months beforehand? I'm so excited u know.

I asked connections and uniglobe to check the prices for me and get back to me. We will most likely go with 12 people hihihhihii.





babies for Dauw Sawaang




I don't know if you see it well but these are all babies in marzipan. My sweetheart godchild asked me to make them for his B-day. And of'course I was glad to make them as he is my biggest fan!







Intensions & wishes

Dear all, dear you,


A few days ago, someone asked me about my wishes for 2011. Honostly, I didn't thought about it.

But now I know, as I spoke with a few people which were facing serious difficulties in their life and my wish for 2011 is to wish them luck and prosperity.

Perhaps you are in the middle of a struggle to say goodbye to someone special in your life, perhaps you yourself are very ill, perhaps you missed your dreams or just miss someone or you feel very lonely? There can be many reason why one need luck and prosperity. But never forget, focus on what you have.

My goals for 2011 are surely going to Thailand (yiiiiihaaaaaa) and study again. I will surely do the basic year for chinese medicine and would luv to continue with Qi massage. So I need to start saving money to be able to do this. *ouch* And most important of all, play and have loads of fun with my little boy.




Hi all!

Don't u luv the simplicity of a traditional lunch? I can enjoy a meal with just rice, fish and green vegies. Every week we eat broccoli, we luuuuv broccoli! Do u?



Beaver bento


Hi all,

This beaver bento makes me kinda happy only looking at it. Dunno why actually (o;

You see fresh home made braised apple. Ok, it's cheaper to buy it ready but I luv to make it myself. Just add sum butter in a sauce pan, add the apples, cinnamon and nutmeg when the butter is melted and braise it for a while.

Noticed the king crab? Miles luved it last year, but this year, he didn't like it anymore. I didn't mind hihi.





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Totoro Sandwich



It actually was kinda cute! Last time I added the monkey into his Wednesdays bentobox, the kids at school played with this li'll cute monkey for a few days. I didn't had a clue where it was and I assumed it was thrown away. But a few days later I saw it again while another kid was playing with it. I really like the apple he's holding (o;

This weekend we saw totoro again. I guess we saw it like thousand times...



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Good Monday all,

During christmas season we did a lot of craft work which we found in my petit prince his dopido magazine. Including this delicious snowman bread. I added some extra winter herbs like cinnamon and nutmeg to make it tasty as the original recipe it was a bit boring.

<I'll post the recipe later today>

PS: look how proud he was. I do luv the way he made the face. 




Red umbrella bento

Happy weekend guys!!




Santa cake





Octopus bento

My little boy enjoyed this bento a lot.

It has been a while I created a bento. But I spent a lot of time reading now about chinese medicine and plato. Yes I know, I am a bit crazy. I also watched some movies like the last airbender and spirited away. These are such great movies and you should see them. Now my little boy always would like to go to the buddhist temple to see luong phoo as he looks like the avatar (o; so funny.


Yin: corn, radish
Yang: shrimps, Laotian black sticky rice
Neutral: beans, cheese

The standard white rice (khaw) is of the neutral type. Also brown rice is neutral. But sticky rice, sweet rice, rice water and rice wine is of the ying type.


Chibi Totoro cotton candy

Sawatdee pi mai khon souwai!

Happy fabulous new year at this very beginning of 2011.

I would like to wish you a balanced year of prosperity, joy, hapiness and luck. Strenght whenever needed and luv every single day of the year.

I would also like to give you a challenge for this year. --Do something crazy-- Yes that's right! Unregarded your age just do something really crazy that makes you excited and happy. I'll let you know whenever I do something crazy, ok I am not that young anymore but still... Last week I saw my neighbours playing in the snow. So my little boy and I rushed doing our coats and hats on and we ran outside to do a snow fight. Absolutely great! And don't forget to share your experience (o; I'm already curious...

To start the year in a good mood here you see chibi totoro in cotton candy.





Bento Monogatari

Hello all, or you,

For a very long time I am looking for Belgian Bento moms. But until now I had no success allocating them. Perhaps because they just don't exist. Or, you might be surprised, they just don't blog about it.

Ok, sometimes I want to share experiences or just talk about it. You know, girls, woman, blahblah (o;

But guys and dolls, focus! and look at his:


We have a movie about obento!! Yeah! A MOVIE I tell you. Oh no, you american citizens, you don't have a movie about charaben, or malaysia do you? not at all, What about thailand? Nooooo.

You gotta watch this. This movie is directed and written by Pieter Dirkx. He's awesome! Fantastic and so friendly. I think he's the kinda man that still speaks to you even if he is super famous. luves it ♥

For all you youtube watchers looking for bento tips and tricks cooking with dog is quite familiar. I bumped into these movies last year and couldn't breath laughing with it. So crazy!




luv luv


Foundation of chinese medicine

Happy Friday to all of you!

First of all, next week I continue posting tons of new creations. And let me make you curious already,... I've made some cool cotton candy chibi totoro's. yipiee!

I am currently looking into the possibilities of becoming a student again, next academic year on the foundations of chinese medicine. This will allow me to continue later on studying the dietetics of traditional chinese medicine and if I still have money left possibly medical qigong.

It's so strange, since a long time I have the feeling of being incomplete, that I am at a point in my life of an important decision and turn. Perhaps this will be it. I don't know. Let's see.

The school I have chosen is OTGC in the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp. I am now looking into the possibilities for a babysit, official financial support (training cheques, college allowance) and educational leave. As in Belgium nothing will come to you, you will need to dig into the bureaucratic system to find funds and other advantages.

I'm so excited! You should feel what I feel hihi!



China: Jinghong Market, Lijiang, Traditional food

Ni Hao!

My parents just visited South-China. They send us a couple of beautiful pictures. Everything that has something to do with food or taichi they gather for me. Isn't that lovely!! They saw a whole bunch of people doing taichi and they got it on tape so I can watch it later on.

Initially I wanted to visit Mongolia for Daan Miles his spring party within a couple of years. (he is not baptised in a catholic way but in a buddhist way and therefor he will not have a traditional holy communion). But looking at the pictures of china I decided we will all take a visit to China. Thai baptism actually means welcome to the family. Let's think about his spring party like "and now you are a big boy so you can sit with us at the big table to dine with us". hihi I think that's cute (o;

The pictures below are from Jinghong Market and Lijiang.




Jinghong markt.jpg

Jinghong markt02.jpg



Candle cakes and agression




These are 2 of my newest creations from 'think outside the box'. When I make cakes for b-days or other celebrations I try to make it not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. Until a while ago I only worked with things you can eat, but since a short while I extend that to paper craft as well. So here you see my candle cakes with eatable delights on the inside but papercraft on the outside.

Tonight I'll start painting the santa cake for Friday. It will be a 20-persons cake for Daan Miles' school.

Yesterday we went to see santa (sinterklaas) and a woman on the parking attacked us like crazy. She tried to get me out of my car but I could lock the doors right on time. She was hitting my windows like hell and was shouting like crazy... while her kids were alone in her car... what a mess :/ I was so happy Daan Miles was sleeping. I wanted to call the cops but then I needed to spend time waiting for them. While Daan Miles had a meet and greet with santa. But tonight I will go to the police to tell my story.

I wonder why a mom with 2 children is reacting like an aggresive boxer. She thought she was first at a parking spot while I was waiting there already for a few minutes. Within the 5 minutes after this incident there were 4 other available parking spots within 5-10 meters. Did you ever been faced with aggresion? Could it be the pressure of society people become aggressive and unfriendly? While she was hitting on my window I looked down and made no eye contact to not encourage the fire. Sounds stupid but I couldn't take the risc becoming injured while my little boy was in the car. crazy world. horrible woman...




Corn bento

This is a simple bento with corn, cumcumber, carrots, eggs and rice. A little piece of fresh shitaki and ham. Since a few months you can buy fresh shitaki from Delhaize and I'm still so excited about it. They are so delicious!

yin: corn, cumcumber, egg white,  
yang: x
neutral: carrots, yolk, rice, shitaki, ham



Shinkansen bentobox on http://www.bentoshop.de

You know I am always looking for good prices and quality when it comes to ... everything. I am screening tons of websites selling bento stuff and I found an amazing on line shop in Germany!! yooohooooooo!!!

Check this out: http://www.bentoshop.de

It is in german but no worry, use the google translator to translate the website in any language you want. German > Dutch

I will order a whole bunch of stuff very soon and perhaps some nice people visiting the website and the blog will get overloaded with presents? Xmass presents? I don't know. I haven't said a word about it. It's still our little secret!! Bare in mind Xmass is on it's way and we still need to look for creativity to keep the presents cheap, but original and funky!

lotsa luuuuuuv


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butterfly bento

A few weeks ago I found a box of vintage skewers in a shop. Probably they got them from the ceiling from 50 years ago. But they are beautifull!!! Here you see the butterfly but there are many more. I'll show you soon.

You see brocolli mashed potatoes, half an egg, flat beans, coconut bread (from Albert Heyn in the Netherlands) and a tangerine. I stuck 3 sausages on the butterfly skewer.

yin: brocolli, egg white
yang: x
Neutral: potatoes, yolk, flat beans, coconut, tangerine, sausages


Look at how tall my little boy already is! He was so proud he ate 3 petit gervais. hihi


I was super surprised he eats anything! Brussels sprouts, chicory soup with mackerel,... I am astonished but the proudest mom on earth!!


Thai Rice Soup ~ Khao Tom

When you feel a li'll bit ill or u are very cold this soup is fantastic! In Thailand it is a traditional breakfast soup and you can get this at different guesthouses/hotels.
I luv this soup, because it's flavours and aromatic touch.
The ingredients are quite common so when you have some rice left overs from the previous day you can easily go ahead and make this deliciousness.
Just for your information: khao means rice and tom means boiled.

2 cups minced meat (pork/beef)
1 cup cooked rice
1 tablespoon nam pla - fish sauce
2 small eggs

2 teaspoons finely minced fresh ginger
2 teaspoons minced cilantro
1 minced spring onion

In a saucepan boil your water and add ginger and pork, stirring to break it up. Reduce heat to a simmer, stir in the cooked rice, and simmer for 2 minutes. Season with the fish sauce. When ready to serve, break a whole egg into each individual bowl. Bring the soup to a boil and ladle over the eggs. Garnish with cilantro and spring onions. Cover the bowls with lids, let sit for a minute to let the egg poach.



yin: egg white
yang: cilantro, ginger, spring onions
neutral: rice, yolk, pork, beef
Because of the many yang ingrediënts this is a good autumn, winter, soup


my Bday cake

This was so cool!!

As it was my Bday I could choose the theme myself for my Bday cake. And guess what, I've chosen a Japanese lady playing with her lovely cat.


I also like the great wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai. But that was too difficult to paint (o; Maybe next time?


Deer bento

I made a chickensoup with fresh carrots and peas as I really don't like canned food. Yin Yang food also discourages canned food so we make as many fresh food as possible. The Dalai Lama used to say, be kind whenever possible, it's always possible. So I say, eat fresh and healthy whenever possible hihi. Daan Miles is crazy about corns and as it is corn season so he is a very lucky boy. Broccoli is always on our menu and mister reindeer is on top of Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles.  


Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles
You can buy them in any asian food shop. Boil them for a few minutes (2-3') and rinse under cold water. This is delicious with a spicy peanut sauce and fresh green raw vegetables.