The winner of the previous Give Away

Do you see this blogpost coloring rouge of shame?

In March I held a give away with 2 presents where only 1 person reacted. I still have the present nr2 which I got from bentoshop hence after all this time Random.org announced the second winner!

Removing the first winner and person who didn't react I still had 26 candidates.

Random.org has chosen number 15 which is Kastaarke.


And this was her message:


Juij!!! I luv it when this gifts can make kids happy!!

So Dear Kastaarke, you can expect this gift soon in your mailbox!!








Dog bento

When the boys are together, I mean, my son and his nephew Pele (adorable name isn't it?) it's always fun. These 2 and little Lara are partners in crime.

I luv to make double bento's. And they are so sweet and eat it all without complaining.




Bokes for school trip

Yesterday my son went on a school trip to a children's farm. We needed to make him a lunch package which we call bokes in Belgium. I bet in the Netherlands they don't use that word, but let's see in South Africa,... hmmz not even there. I luv dialect and I try to speak this with my son along with Thai words so he knows a bit of all.


It has been 4 days now since the operation and I feel good, but oh my gosh, I'm always tired. I don't like it but I can't do a thang about it. I rest a lot and eat healthy. I try to get a lot of vitamins but not a lot raw food as I don't want yin to make my body work too much. I keep the energy for other thangs (o; I'll eat some bitter as that's good for the heart.




"4-uurtje" mei totoro

This is a "4-uurtje" as we say it in Belgium.

Everything is edible. Some sandwiches, raspberry muffins and tomatoes. Mei from totoro is also edible. It was printed by fairy Fran from de Taartenfee.

Tomorrow the l'll bunnies will go to the Zoo in Olmen. I need to prepare an obento but which theme?

Enough to think about today ((o;



carrot & pumpkin pie approved by a Deer

This is a pumpkin-carrot pie. I just took a small pumpkin, some carrots and cooked them. Then I blend them with p+s, nutmeg and goatcheese. I just used ready shortkrust pastry and of the left overs I made the deer and hearts.

It's always nice, even if it isn't a real bento to add a kawaii touch.





Oh so easter is already done?

Yeah sure, and we did our li'll easter celebration on time. Only the pictures on our canon couldn't get on the pc on time.

So here you go, spagetti bolo & gnaize, second favorite of my little biggy. All times favorite is still 'patatjes'.




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Butterfly hamburger


This is a butterfly hamburger. Made from marocan bread and kefta lamb.

I took lamb meat for navarin (which is cheap) and mixed it in the food processor, I added kefta herbs and made hamburgers from it.

Notice mei and chibi totoro on the background? I paid 12.5 euros -50% on the madeinasia expo! jipieeeee.

bye bye




The winners !!


Here is the moment you've all been waiting for. 2 Weeks ago I launched my second give away in cooperation with Simone from bentoshop. Many thanks!! 

I can't believe it, in about 2 weeks I got a small 1000 visitors on my little blog. Can you imagine? A room full of 1000 people? Luckely I didn't have to feed them all. (o;

Anyway, enough babbling now, I will announce the winners. Of course I wanted all of you to win. And I luved the comments of all of you. First of all I needed to remove the duplicates and randorm.org chose ...



Congrats Christele and Guy!! you can expect an e-mail message to request your address. And I'll send the presents as soon as possible!!


For all you other participants Thank you so much in sharing the fun.




WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #3

Her name is Annelore Parot.

Or is it Yumi? Actually she's hot as she has tons of friends. Michiko, Aoki, Emi, ... like my niece Emy (o;

They are all kokeshi. Go and take a look at the website. http://kokeshi-leclub.com/kokeshi/

There's a bunch of fun out there! Like a little Japanese party.


She has a couple of books Yumi, Kimono, which are available at fnac, standaard boekhandel, davidsfonds, ... There are more but not yet translated into dutch I guess.

I did ask for permission to post the party paper craft on my blog you see in the give away as she is the mom of yumi and one must ask before using stuff from others.

But here already 1 item: The cupcake wrappers from Yumi. Go and print this stuff and make some delicious cupcakes with the kids, decorate them and wrap the cupcake wrappers around them.

It is no time to celebrate? With all the stuff that is going on in Japan, with me loosing my dog Filoe,... so therefore, be happy celebrate when you can. Life's too short.

Don't forget the madeinasia expo this weekend in Brussels.







WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #2

Here we have our second in the picture shot.

This bentobox is my absolut favorite. I luv shinkansen!!



This weekend there is a major event in Brussels Expo: http://www.madeinasia.be/nl/

I'll go on Friday as on Friday between 19h & 21h you can get in for free. I did order already some totoro stuff on this website: http://www.taiyou.fr/ as I don't need to pay transport wiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


Good luck again!


WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #1

Guys & Dolls, Can I have your attention?

Don't forget to add your e-mail addresses so I can reach you (only for those I cannot contact).

Anyhow, here you have the first in the picture shot for those who are curious about the presents and want to see them in detail.



Also, bento is traditionally Japanese. I admire the Japanese for their uniqueness and creativity. My heart is with them during the disasters they are facing.

If you wish you can sign the book of condolence opened by the City of Leuven and the University of Leuven. The book will be available at the University Hall (Naamsestraat 22) and at the City Office (Prof. Van Overstraetenplein 1) from Tuesday morning until Friday evening.





wedstrijd - give away !!

Dear all,


I have superb news. Filoe started back eating and drinking bits so I decided this is a good time to launch te give away.

Last time I concentrated on Belgium only as the sponsor Pichouline was from Antwerp, Belgium.

This time this give away is for the entire European Union. Before I tell you what you can win I would like to say a big thanks to Simone from Bentoshop.de for making this all possible. THANK YOU

She was so kind to give 2 packages as give away. On top of that I made some papercraft based on the book Yumi from Annelore Parot.

So all you need to do is leave an answer on this blog message and tell me which package you like the most.

Make sure to leave your e-mail address so I can reach you when you are the winner.

You can only leave 1 comment.

On the 28th of March I will announce the winners as there will be 2.

Present 1




 Present 2


Additional Papercraft with both packages






Qi Jasmin tea, wakame & boeksering


For all you non-speaking dutch people let me explain you what boeksering is. It is traditional smoked herring. Many generations back people smoked it on a bucket with newspaper. Nowadays you can buy it in the supermarket. I luv this with tea and somen noodles. I also added wakame salad as vegetables which is made from seaweed.

The tea is really the best I've tasted from all Jasmin teas. And I've tasted many different ones as I'm addicted to the flavour of Jasmins (o;

This is a real healthy & Japanese o'bento. But I am sure if you make this for men they would rather eat their worn socks.


Filoe's situation is still the same, he won't eat or drink. We are very worried and it is breaking my heart. But he has no pain so we continue hoping and pushing.







Shinkansen bento

Good Morning y'all!


Look at this lovely new bentobox we got from the bentoshop store!

I was so excited talking to the owner Simone, ordering and receiving the package @ home. What a sweet lady she is! I am sensitive when it comes to quality, but this went perfect! On time, quick, u know (o; wiiiiiiii


This will be one of the prices you can win in the contest I'll launch this week. This bentobox is surprisingly large! Thus for European standards. Sometimes I find the bentoboxes too small but this is perfect!

You have 2 layers and the close method is very practical. I loooooove shinkansen. Look how cute it is.

Currently this bento box is on sale for 3,90 €.


Did you notice totoro?? It is edible paper print. Yeah I could have cut it better but as always I was in a rush (o;


Happy day all of you!!




Panda Boo Bento

Good day y'all,


I've made this butterfly Panda Boo bento yesterday evening. But my -little me- wanted to join us for a warm meal. Which was fine for me. Of course!

So I was making fresh peas & carrots, saussages and potatoes. Just regular Belgian food. Then my hubby walks into the kitchen as he always does and start complaining,... Your carrots are still too hard, what are you doing? On Sunday I made carrot soup with crab and cream, there was too much cream in it he said, I didn't make any meat and he complained again. There isn't a day that goes by where he needs to complain. Even though I do the best I can. But hey, I am not a professional cook and I also have some off-days.

Do you also have creatures walking around in your house complaining 'bout what you do but never do those things themselves?




Beaver bento


Hi all,

This beaver bento makes me kinda happy only looking at it. Dunno why actually (o;

You see fresh home made braised apple. Ok, it's cheaper to buy it ready but I luv to make it myself. Just add sum butter in a sauce pan, add the apples, cinnamon and nutmeg when the butter is melted and braise it for a while.

Noticed the king crab? Miles luved it last year, but this year, he didn't like it anymore. I didn't mind hihi.





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Totoro Sandwich



It actually was kinda cute! Last time I added the monkey into his Wednesdays bentobox, the kids at school played with this li'll cute monkey for a few days. I didn't had a clue where it was and I assumed it was thrown away. But a few days later I saw it again while another kid was playing with it. I really like the apple he's holding (o;

This weekend we saw totoro again. I guess we saw it like thousand times...



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Red umbrella bento

Happy weekend guys!!





Octopus bento

My little boy enjoyed this bento a lot.

It has been a while I created a bento. But I spent a lot of time reading now about chinese medicine and plato. Yes I know, I am a bit crazy. I also watched some movies like the last airbender and spirited away. These are such great movies and you should see them. Now my little boy always would like to go to the buddhist temple to see luong phoo as he looks like the avatar (o; so funny.


Yin: corn, radish
Yang: shrimps, Laotian black sticky rice
Neutral: beans, cheese

The standard white rice (khaw) is of the neutral type. Also brown rice is neutral. But sticky rice, sweet rice, rice water and rice wine is of the ying type.


Chibi Totoro cotton candy

Sawatdee pi mai khon souwai!

Happy fabulous new year at this very beginning of 2011.

I would like to wish you a balanced year of prosperity, joy, hapiness and luck. Strenght whenever needed and luv every single day of the year.

I would also like to give you a challenge for this year. --Do something crazy-- Yes that's right! Unregarded your age just do something really crazy that makes you excited and happy. I'll let you know whenever I do something crazy, ok I am not that young anymore but still... Last week I saw my neighbours playing in the snow. So my little boy and I rushed doing our coats and hats on and we ran outside to do a snow fight. Absolutely great! And don't forget to share your experience (o; I'm already curious...

To start the year in a good mood here you see chibi totoro in cotton candy.





Bento Monogatari

Hello all, or you,

For a very long time I am looking for Belgian Bento moms. But until now I had no success allocating them. Perhaps because they just don't exist. Or, you might be surprised, they just don't blog about it.

Ok, sometimes I want to share experiences or just talk about it. You know, girls, woman, blahblah (o;

But guys and dolls, focus! and look at his:


We have a movie about obento!! Yeah! A MOVIE I tell you. Oh no, you american citizens, you don't have a movie about charaben, or malaysia do you? not at all, What about thailand? Nooooo.

You gotta watch this. This movie is directed and written by Pieter Dirkx. He's awesome! Fantastic and so friendly. I think he's the kinda man that still speaks to you even if he is super famous. luves it ♥

For all you youtube watchers looking for bento tips and tricks cooking with dog is quite familiar. I bumped into these movies last year and couldn't breath laughing with it. So crazy!




luv luv


Corn bento

This is a simple bento with corn, cumcumber, carrots, eggs and rice. A little piece of fresh shitaki and ham. Since a few months you can buy fresh shitaki from Delhaize and I'm still so excited about it. They are so delicious!

yin: corn, cumcumber, egg white,  
yang: x
neutral: carrots, yolk, rice, shitaki, ham



Shinkansen bentobox on http://www.bentoshop.de

You know I am always looking for good prices and quality when it comes to ... everything. I am screening tons of websites selling bento stuff and I found an amazing on line shop in Germany!! yooohooooooo!!!

Check this out: http://www.bentoshop.de

It is in german but no worry, use the google translator to translate the website in any language you want. German > Dutch

I will order a whole bunch of stuff very soon and perhaps some nice people visiting the website and the blog will get overloaded with presents? Xmass presents? I don't know. I haven't said a word about it. It's still our little secret!! Bare in mind Xmass is on it's way and we still need to look for creativity to keep the presents cheap, but original and funky!

lotsa luuuuuuv


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butterfly bento

A few weeks ago I found a box of vintage skewers in a shop. Probably they got them from the ceiling from 50 years ago. But they are beautifull!!! Here you see the butterfly but there are many more. I'll show you soon.

You see brocolli mashed potatoes, half an egg, flat beans, coconut bread (from Albert Heyn in the Netherlands) and a tangerine. I stuck 3 sausages on the butterfly skewer.

yin: brocolli, egg white
yang: x
Neutral: potatoes, yolk, flat beans, coconut, tangerine, sausages


Look at how tall my little boy already is! He was so proud he ate 3 petit gervais. hihi


I was super surprised he eats anything! Brussels sprouts, chicory soup with mackerel,... I am astonished but the proudest mom on earth!!


Deer bento

I made a chickensoup with fresh carrots and peas as I really don't like canned food. Yin Yang food also discourages canned food so we make as many fresh food as possible. The Dalai Lama used to say, be kind whenever possible, it's always possible. So I say, eat fresh and healthy whenever possible hihi. Daan Miles is crazy about corns and as it is corn season so he is a very lucky boy. Broccoli is always on our menu and mister reindeer is on top of Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles.  


Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles
You can buy them in any asian food shop. Boil them for a few minutes (2-3') and rinse under cold water. This is delicious with a spicy peanut sauce and fresh green raw vegetables.



Under my umbrella

If u ever watched totoro an umbrella will never be the same anymore. I bought these cute umbrella's from pichouline. This is a fresh tomat-krevetje and carrot mashed potatoes with boulletjes. (o;


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sushi? Somebody

I promise you all I will update again! I had loads of work finishing some B-day cakes hihi

This week is my little boy his 3rd birthday. I'm so excited! He is helping me a lot fixing his party. He wanted a red colored party from SamSam and an apple crumble pie with white clouds.

And BentoMama only needs one word having this explode in a hell of a groovy party!!



Snail bento


This snail bento was delicious! The fish was made in the oven with coriander and coriander roots, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and fresh tomatoes.

So cute how my little boy (who always says he is a big boy) says little green balls to peas.

PS: I soooo feel like switching back to dutch hihihihhi ♥


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How to hello kitty brownie


As many people were curious about how I shaped the hello kitty, here you find the tutorial.
I used this mold which I bought a long time ago from http://www.patchshopgirl.nl for 12.95€.
I pressed sugar paste in it and placed it in the freezer for at least 5 minutes. Then I filled it up with crumbled brownie. At this phase you can add the mascarpone mix as well. Place it in the freezer again then pop it out. Paint or decorate kawaii.




barbamama bento


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