Primus Haacht Brewery & the moustaches

For our team event we visited the brewery of Haacht. It was fun coz my little sister is working at the brasserie of the brewery and after our visit we went to grab diner at my sister's place. And that was fun!

The colleagues


The boss & his moustache

Me & my chocolate moustache

My beautifull Oh La Laaa little sister

Sea bass with butter sauce, cappers and mashed potatoes

Chicken with forest champignions, finished with white beer of Haacht

Panna Cotta with red fruit




Jules B-day cake for my li'll prince

He is 3!!!! Yihaaaaa! today is Daan Miles is his B-day and I decided to make him a B-day cake from Julleke to celebrate at school. This sunday we do a red-samsam party and ow behave! it well be groovy! But I told u guys that before hihi.

verjaardagtaart DM 002.jpg

My li'll boy was born 28 October 2007 at 12:10.



Pop Corn Fun


This recipe is typically Thai but it isn't made often in Thai cuisines. My mom luvs this! I didn't know (o; Heat some oil in a wok and add honey and pili pili and fry a bit. Then add cashew nuts and coconut flesh and stir well. We added some pop corn as well to pop it up a li'll bit.





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Yin Yang Food .~°2°~.

Hi guys and dolls!

Summer holiday is over. While we were waiting and waiting for li'll bits of sun...
I couldn't long more for Thailand. So we keep on dreaming of winning the lotery while Lila Vanille is gone to South-Korea.

Here is my little boy who is growing so hard playing with his nephew in the rain. So lovely! 


I did tell u about yin & yang food before, suggesting to eat according to local supplies not shop supplies. I did the exercise already and start buying belgian apples instead of my favorite jazz apples from France.

The second advice on this journey is to look at your geographical location and season.
But before I explain, you need to know yin represents cold and yang represents hot.

yin = cold & fresh
yang = hot & warm

For geographical location advice: in Belgium we live in a cold/fresh area, therefore you must eat more yang food. When you live in Thailand you must eat more yin food. And actually most of us do! yin food can be exotic fruit. So being on holiday or living in Thailand you eat more exotic fruit then here. And don't you love stew in winter when it's cold outside in Belgium? Also when season change adapt your yin & yang balance to the season you're in. Eat salads and fresh fruit (yin) in the summer (yang) and stew, cabbage (yang) in the winter (yin).



Visit of the taartenfee

Last week I visited the taartenfee with my little boy.
She moved to a new location in Kontich and I was very curious about it. She always gives me good advise and encourages me to continue being creative with food.
Her shop is amazing! I was so happy to meet her in real life as well (o;

Driving back home my car broke down. That was Murphy! No doubt about it. We needed to say a last time goodbye to my hubby's dad that evening, but we didn't make it. We were stuck for hours! Luckely I stopped next to a kinder garden and Daan Miles had an amazing time while I was waiting for the garage to pick up my car and my sister to get us out of there.
Daan Miles couldn't care less (o;

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I won !!

3 days ago I told u guys and dolls I made a photopshop picture for a contest on cherryfizz?
Well the nice lady from the shop playstand who made this contest possible chose mine!
I am so happy! I thought we only had bad luck lately as it is quite a difficult time for us.
We won! I won! Oh happy happy me! Look @ me laughing. (o;
You can see the article on this website of Cherryfizz.
Here is a snapshot of the article:

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Wild Cherries


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This mom of 2 kids has a whole carreer on the internet. Currently because she just gave birth to Celina, her princess she is doing quite some win-actions.
I took part of one of them to win some organic island lip balm shell.
Take a look at the contest if you feel like: http://cherryfizz.nl/page/3/
She has a lovely feeling for digital scrap-booking-art but the make-up part is not my cup of tea.
I've send this for the game:
Comming up soon:
♥ do u also luv wild cherries?
♥ how to make larme du tigre shrimps? My mom gave permission for a real fotoshoot with her making this deliciousness
♥ how to: sticky rice in the microwave But first I'll need to go to the thai shop as I ran out of glutinous rice.

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Thank you Skynet

It doesn't leave me unmoved.
I have a dream. Not the size of Martin Luther King but still, it is a dream, my dream. And it means the world to me.
I wanted Vlaanderen get familiar with Bento - Charaben. Make Thai food once in a while. Enjoy making food a different way. Perhaps restaurants to adapt their boring kip met appelmoes or ballekes in tomattesaus to funky bento.
Last week this bentoblog was nominated on Skynet's Facebook and since yesterday this bentoblog is on their homepage. http://www.skynet.be/
What once started as a trial for my little boy, grew out to this bentoblog and I truly hope each one of u try this once and make someone happy, yourself for example (o;
Thanks a lot to skynet, but even more to all of you for visiting bentobaby from time to time.
Lotsa luv

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Making ur own brand

Fellas, Princesses,
My hubby is doing well again! Yesterday the doc looked inside his heart (via his groin) but it was filled with luv (o; hihi He need to continue doing sports and eat less cholesterol.
Less cholesterol ??
Oh my dog. I cook fresh every day. Try to work with season fruit and vegi's and now they tell him there's 2 much cholesterol in his blood? grmbl
Anyway, let's look at it as new challenge.
I already asked the free cookbook at http://www.benecol.be
I am sorry I didn't make much of bento this week but with hubby in the hospital it wasn't easy. I did create these lovely t-shirts from totoro for Daan Miles.
Buy the papers from HP, print and iron them on a tshirt or whatever. It's cheap and unique. What do u want more? We love them (o;
I must admit I do regret I bought the labels for 10 euros at lovelylabels.com. You better make them your own this way.

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Stokje 3-10

3. I loooove my family and to be honost, partying comes along with my family. It's one word haha. Family and Friends are very important. What would you do without them? Filoe my american cocker is a family member as well ((o;

4. Even though I am just a beginner I like to practice taiji. I did gymnastics all my life but getting a bit older I had enough of it. Taiji is a bit too calm so I would like to do wushu as well once I am comfortable within taiji. I am a heart patient and taiji brings silence in my mind and my body. I just love it!

5. Point number 5 is what is on this blog... Bent♥♥♥ (o;

6. I lost my heart in Cambodia, in Prasat Kravan and Ta Prohm more exactly. I floated on Inlé Lake and saw people grow food and flowers on floating gardens. I feel at home at the other side of the world in a small village called Kaset Sombun. I am a world citizen. ((o; I am playing with the thought of writing a book about living between cultures. As there is something strange about it, lovable and funky (o;

7. Windows and cheap charly shopping. Despite the wealth and social platform we live in here in Belgium we are a very expensive country. So I buy loads of stuff in Thailand and nowadays I screen the internet looking for cheap prices and delivery costs. Bargains make me happy hihihihihihi.

8. IT: I am a woman of bits and bytes. I grew up between computers and I am working in IT for a very long time. I am ahum crazy about ITIL and luv to work with computers.

9 & 10 together as it is so important: ~Be loved~


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Stokje 1-2

Good morning all,
I urgently need to be a bit more creative because lately I haven't created any bento anymore. I guess it is because in May there are 2 much things going on.
However, I received the happy 101 stick from the luvely Lila Vanille (she's adorable u know). It is something virtual which describes what you luv and makes u happy.
So here is point 1:
1. My sweetheart Daan Miles: Are there words to describe how this li'l creature, my own creature, touches my life so deeply. How sucha small baby is able to put your world upside down? A small but brand new life is able to teach you the wisdom of his holiness the Dalai Lama. Where everything that was so important has no more value at all. Because of you, my luv Daan Miles.
2. That brings me to point 2. I don't know how to call this but it always makes me happy when I can do something for people without wanting something in return. Or even giving people the feeling of compulsion in returning something. It is awkward in this world, I know. And people think I'm nuts. But I would like to share this with others and keep this alive. Not everything has a price you know.

If ever you want to go on meditation training in Thailand you can always go to Wat Dhammakaya in Thailand - Bankok.

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Okay, besides all the food, one must make fun as well! And sure they do (o;
Within 6 days he's off to school... oh dear.

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Out of the womb


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Plop Appels

Goed weekend allemaal!!
En een leuke paasvakantie (o;


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Spaans Dak

Voor valentijn zijn we naar Spaans Dak aan de zoete waters in Heverlee geweest.
Dat blijft mijn favoriet! Al dacht ik dat we naar couvert couvert gingen (o;
Ik heb ook een leuke uitleg gekregen omdat ik altijd wel met vragen zit als ik ergens ga eten waar het echt feestelijk is op je bord. Op de meeste plaatsen krijg je nauwelijks uitleg maar in het Spaans Dak maken ze tijd voor hun gasten. Chapeau!
Ook de bediening is er steeds aangepast en fantastisch. Mijn favorietje was er ook weer (o;
Het Only Red dessert: Een mengelmoes van rode vruchten. De gelei van rode neuzekes was echt leuk. In de tube zat aarbeizalf.
Lamsvlees met een spekwafel. Coulis van munt. een schuimpje citroen.
Wat hier echt TOP was is de aardappel puf met komijn. Dat maak ik ook regelmatig thuis. Die combinatie is delicious! 
Soezen met inkt, zalm en zure room.
Een oesterhapje met schuim van limoenblad en mosterd.
Kikkerbilleke tempura in een Thais soepeke met rode biet parels en heeeeeeeeerlijk, een eierdooier op 62°C gegaard met parmezaan en aardappel truffel pommade. Dat wit tubeke achteraan had ik bijna opgegeten. Het was een doekje om je handen te vegen. Nu ja, wij hebben wel een uur strijk gelegen van't lachen.
56 euro Food
75 Euro Food & Booze

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bambix 2009

Bij deze deel ik je nog de foto's van bij onthaalmama Katti van afgelopen jaar.
Het was een super-callifragelistic-jaar! Thanks xx.x Ur the best Katti

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Wat er op een maand tijd niet kan gebeuren!!

hi guys & dolls,
Pooh! Wat heb ik jullie gemist! Ik ben blij om weer terug te zijn. De afgelopen 4 weken was ik even uitgeblogd om een kort projectje te doen. Sinds een jaar ben ik op een chill tempo taiji aan het volgen en had toch wel ontdekt dat hun website een lege url was. De hoogste tijd om mijn skills boven te halen en de url http://www.thewushufamily.be op te vullen. Ik moet zeggen, het was een snel tempo (o;


Dus bij deze ben ik weer terug. Er staan wat foto's ongeduldig te wachten om gepubliceerd te worden en die zullen de komende dagen wel verschijnen. Een mooi verslagje van de boekenbeurs en een bezoekje aan het spaans dak! S U P E R (o;
Ander nieuws, wat in feite niet zo goed is. Na een bezoekje aan de cardioloog lijd ik aan hartritmestoornissen en heeft m'n mij aangeraden een ablatie te laten uitvoeren. Alleen,... als het mis loopt tijdens deze ingreep kan ik de rest van mijn leven met een peesmaker (of hoe schrijf je zoiets) rondlopen.
Het is een serieuze klap in mijn gezicht, mijn eeuwige jeugd is gedaan en het is toch wel de harde realiteit.
Eén ding staat vast!! Ik blijf mijn rol als super-mama met het hoofd recht en warm hart uitvoeren.

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rock on!

Lemme tell u this guys! I rock! (o;


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happy weekend lieve mensen!!


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een kadootje voor mama...

dit gebeurt er als je je kleintje even uit het oog verliest!


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2de keer kermis!!

Nu was het veeeeel leuker dan vorige keer, want dan was ik nog klein (o;


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Onze riksja komt er aan!!

Maandag of dinsdag gaan we onze riksja halen aan zee.

Mama is em gaan testen. En hij bolt!! (o;


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Leve mama!!


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Daan Miles staat op de website van nutricia. Een leuke wedstrijd waarbij je slabbetjes of 2 maanden olvarit kan winnen. Als we winnen schenken we de prijs weg aan een gezin dat het echt nodig heeft!

De foto is getrokken bij Katti! Leuk eh, ne winnaar.


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paasvakantie 2009

De paasvakantie was super!

Ik heb me keigoed geamuseerd met de babs. We zijn naar zee geweest, gaan fietsen, gaan zwemmen, naar de speeltuin geweest, in de tuin op 't springkasteel, zoentjes geven, elkaar afmotten (de babs mij vooral!! ik had 3 dagen hoofdpijn!!) maar het was super! Spijtig dat ik hem morgen alweer moet missen. Ik word het maar niet gewoon :/ Al is hij in goede handen met de beste zorgen. We blijven connected (o;


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