'k nom

'k Nom is a delicious Thai dessert.

It is made of coconut milk, flavour, tapioca en crushed ice and sooo yummie in summertime.

I bought large tapioca pearls in the chinese store in Brussels looking like this:


You have them in all sizes and colours.


It is not an à la minute dessert as you might probably boil the large tapioca pearls for about one hour in water. I added water whenever it became too sticky.

Afterwards, cool them in cold water. Add flavour and color if u want. I added 3 drups of yasmine flavor and Hale's Blue Boy Brand red syrup.


Then I heated coconut milk with a pinch of salt and 2 tablespoons of suger and I've mixed all together.


Crush some ice and add this right before you taste the deliciousness.


2012-05-28 13.35.52.jpg


And I'm sorry!!! I ate it all by myself. hihihihhi