Finished traditional chinese medicine classI

Aloha boys and girls,

Ow yeah, I'm back. I finished my first year at OTCG to study the basics of traditional chinese medicine. I guess I learned a lot, yeah I guess. I'm just busy with the training material every single day and it's just a lot of fun. I read, I think about it, look for logic and find logic. yahooooo (o; logica magica

I came to the conclusion it is tao, a way of thinking and living, rather being a study. I have no clue what it is exactly I want to do with the knowledge within a couple of years. But I don't mind actually. I just luv now and don't worry about later. I have faith in what will come.

What's in the pipeline for next year is already a fact, I'll do ear-acupuncture and meridian study next year. great! looking forward to it.


Anyway, being a foodie♥ I luv to experiment with food so I made this special soup. I just luuuuuuuuuuv the magic of soup. Believe me, I talk about it every day Knipogen This soup is especially made for people suffering from xue xu and qi xu. It means blood and energy deficiency. So if you feel easily tired and cold this will do you good.




First of all, make your own bouillon. I swear, that's something we all should do again instead of using salt cubes eeeeuh bouillon cubes of course. It is such a major source of warm yang energy and vitamins. So just add carrots, selery, (spring) onions, ginger, chicken, peper and optional coriander roots, sesame oil into a cooking pot of cold water. Have it boil gently for 'bout 3 hours and cool down. At this point you can remove the chicken fat. Make a whole bunch and freeze it for later.

So that's your basis, from this point on, the fun begins. In this case I added shitaki, dried bean curd, extra ginger and red chinese dates called jujube.



Red chinese dates have the ability to stimulate the production of blood and Qi. They taste sweet. My teacher gave us a recipe to lower cholesterol. Just add chinese dates into a jar of vinegar and let it rest for 8 weeks in a dark place. Have a table spoon of the vinegar every day for a limited period of time as your cholesterol can become too low. This can harm the brains! Also shiitaki have the ability to lower cholesterol and encourage Qi.

I don't know about bean curd. I just like the taste.


Have it all boiled for half an hour and enjoy. njom njom