First lesson traditional chinese medicine & ข้าวหลาม khao lam

This weekend I had my first lessons of the program I started @ OTCG on Traditional chinese medicine.

And it was so excited!! I already learned a lot this summer so I was prepared. And everything we saw on 1 day I studied in detail for weeks/months haha. Poor me. But the questions that raised during this self study I could ask now. So I was happy.

Like is there a clear tendency on geographical level on people's yin and yang level?

As stress for imagine is typical for this century and the western area. Stress can reduce your resistance level which leads to a reduced yin level so you have a low yin and regular yang level. This is called deficiency of yin.


This can lead to insomnia, irritability, night sweat,...

The answer was yes. You can see geographical tendences according to the area you live in.

Now something else...

Do you know khao lam? ข้าวหลาม?

It is a delicious traditional thai dessert made of sticky rice, beans and coconut milk. Everything is stuffed into a bamboo stick which is then grilled on a fire. This is so good and now I don't only have to dream about it until we go back to Thailand, but we can buy it in the thai suppermarket at Sint-Katelijnestraat 3 in Brussels. You get 4 pieces from the freezer for about 3-5 €. (I forgot)

Did you know that when you travel to eastern country's and you easily suffer from diarrhea, you just eat sticky rice with every meal. It will prevent you and stop you from having diarrhea.