Our shop is open! yipieeeeeee !!!! http://www.misuno.be

Hello guys and dolls!!


First of all I want to thank you for your patience. I realize that it was kinda disappointing visiting my blog and seeing nothing much was moving. We were working behind the scenes. And we were working haaaaard!! But it was super fun!

Let me invite you to have a look at http://www.misuno.be You will notice a kick-off collection but know that every week more will be posted.

I'll keep continue posting bento's, exotic food and cakes here. And I'll tell you about my learning experience at school as I start the foundations of Chinese medicine in October.

It's gonna be a bussy year and I ♥ it !


This is a picture of one of the products I am selling. It is the Dragondria Saga Part I. Double Happiness.

Where I take you on a journey to the forbidden city behind the walls of great China. I wanted to give the impression the dragon is flying working with highs and lows.



Stay tuned as I will launch a give-away where you can win this!!!


Loads of luv

BentoMama aka Misuno hihihi



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Dank je wel Mikelina!!


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