Here I am back from being bussy

Hello guys and dolls,


Soon you will have me back. (o; We are now launching the website and Misuno shop so it is taking quite some time.

I am working on the designs and getting myself through the duties of the Belgian laws to get everything done. It is a lot of work but my little sisters are helping me a lot. But there is 1 thing I keep having in mind. This is fun!!! I'm really having a blast (o; It's so excited because you just don't know where this will be heading to. 


In the mean time I did make loads of kawaii and here you go:



These are shrimps made on the laab manner with nam plaa (fish sauce), mint, coriander leaves, sjalots, a bit of pilli pilli and liquid suger. I also burned rice in a pan until brown and grind it in a mortar. I usually make a lot of this and keep it in a jar. It gives an unresistable flavor of popcorn and rice.


I see you soon guys!!!



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