logo is ready

I'm rushing everywhere to get my business starting.

To all the faithfull blog-readers here I can already tell you it's gonna be huuuuge!!!

And this will be the name of my little shop and the logo:






wiiiiiiiiii I'm so excited!


Happy weekend xxx



Matcha is powdered green tea of high quality originated from Japan.

This tea powder allows you to make a whole set of varieties in the dessert area.

I can't wait to think about new stuff I can make with it. This for example was a cream of matcha, mixed with fat cream cheese and cream 40%. Just before using it I added mixed fresh strawberries.


Did you know that the entire tea plantation around Fukushima is radioactive? When they dry the leaves the radioctive contamination reduces, but when you add water to it it will increase the radio activity again.




Koutoubiya - Leuven Muntstraat

We went on ladies night out and grabbed a bite at Koutoubiya - Leuven Muntstraat.


It's a Morrocan restaurant in Leuven's tourists street. I luuuuv going to the Muntstraat as going there you are just sure that you get good food. Quite expensive but ok. That's ok for once in a while.


I went to quite a few Moroccan restaurants in Antwerp and Mechelen and we cook Morrocan dishes quite a lot at home. I just adore the taste of cumin and cinnamon. (preferably separately of course).

But this one was the best I ever went to. I even took a doggy bag at home with the couscous only. This is not the crap we make at home. This is couscous. I just don't think you can make this traditional couscous at home.

So I decided, each time I cook morrocan food at home, I'll just order my couscous there. haha


Have a nice day!





And this is Kristel, my best friend since we were 5 years old !!!



Totoro Cake agaaaaaaain??

Kathleen and hubby celebrated their birthday and instead of my first thought, of making them a Harry Potter cake, I made a flower cake with for my little sunshine a chibi totoro.

I was so happy the little one was around as he was the cake guard! (o;


Next week I'll post the recipe for the green tea filling I used. Matcha

PS: It was actually so much fun making a whole bunch of flowers & watching tv. hihi


Happy weekend. ♥












Yulia totoro cake N°2

Good Morning World!!

I am back at work hihi. And look what Yulia, my colleague send me.


What a sweet totoro cake!! How cool is that. Last year she made her first totoro cake: http://bentobaby.skynetblogs.be/archive/2010/06/03/yulia-...

This one is so adorable!! I'm already curious for next year hihi.




Dog bento

When the boys are together, I mean, my son and his nephew Pele (adorable name isn't it?) it's always fun. These 2 and little Lara are partners in crime.

I luv to make double bento's. And they are so sweet and eat it all without complaining.




Bokes for school trip

Yesterday my son went on a school trip to a children's farm. We needed to make him a lunch package which we call bokes in Belgium. I bet in the Netherlands they don't use that word, but let's see in South Africa,... hmmz not even there. I luv dialect and I try to speak this with my son along with Thai words so he knows a bit of all.


It has been 4 days now since the operation and I feel good, but oh my gosh, I'm always tired. I don't like it but I can't do a thang about it. I rest a lot and eat healthy. I try to get a lot of vitamins but not a lot raw food as I don't want yin to make my body work too much. I keep the energy for other thangs (o; I'll eat some bitter as that's good for the heart.




First sales item kawaii

Dear all,


First of all, I'm heeeeereeee and alive!! I'm so happy u know. The operation went well. And all seems ok until now. I was so afraid as it was a heart operation but I was in good hands. In the evening I did made a blood pressure fall and that's why I am at home resting.


Some other good news. I'll soon open a webshop (soon might also take a while hihi) just to sell papercraft and thai products. You might take a look at the following urls to buy my products if u like. If you don't like that's ok but u will miss loads of fun (((o;


Giraffe cupcake wrappers


Thai Herbal Massage balls Large


And here are some pictures:





And more of this cuteness is to come soon (and this time soon is soon)


Now I'll rest a bit.