Koutoubiya - Leuven Muntstraat

We went on ladies night out and grabbed a bite at Koutoubiya - Leuven Muntstraat.


It's a Morrocan restaurant in Leuven's tourists street. I luuuuv going to the Muntstraat as going there you are just sure that you get good food. Quite expensive but ok. That's ok for once in a while.


I went to quite a few Moroccan restaurants in Antwerp and Mechelen and we cook Morrocan dishes quite a lot at home. I just adore the taste of cumin and cinnamon. (preferably separately of course).

But this one was the best I ever went to. I even took a doggy bag at home with the couscous only. This is not the crap we make at home. This is couscous. I just don't think you can make this traditional couscous at home.

So I decided, each time I cook morrocan food at home, I'll just order my couscous there. haha


Have a nice day!





And this is Kristel, my best friend since we were 5 years old !!!


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