yin yang chocolate

Based on a tutorial from Anna The Red I made these yin yang chocolates for a Taiji demo in Keerbergen.

Here is the tutorial: Yes here

And it is so much fun to make.



I also need to share you guys I will be going to the hospital on Friday as I need a heart operation. I truly hope all will go well and I'll be in the same health as I am now, even better then. As with my little boy I have so much responsibility and truly, I enjoy my life every single day. I didn't need a bad experience to believe one must cherish life. So please pray for me. xxx


"4-uurtje" mei totoro

This is a "4-uurtje" as we say it in Belgium.

Everything is edible. Some sandwiches, raspberry muffins and tomatoes. Mei from totoro is also edible. It was printed by fairy Fran from de Taartenfee.

Tomorrow the l'll bunnies will go to the Zoo in Olmen. I need to prepare an obento but which theme?

Enough to think about today ((o;



carrot & pumpkin pie approved by a Deer

This is a pumpkin-carrot pie. I just took a small pumpkin, some carrots and cooked them. Then I blend them with p+s, nutmeg and goatcheese. I just used ready shortkrust pastry and of the left overs I made the deer and hearts.

It's always nice, even if it isn't a real bento to add a kawaii touch.





Cheburashka Russian kawaii

It never came across my mind our Russian friends had so much creativity in their fingers. (except for conclave obscurum) According to history lessons they seemed cold and distance to me.

But look at this, look how cute! this is kawaii N°1!!

This makes me so happy. And look what I found in a small asian store in Leuven. A bottle with 'something' promoted by Cheburashka hihi. So amazing. But I don't dare drinkin' it!! (o; lol


These pictures are unresistable and I just need to share them with you. ♥


Credit: kgbstyle


Credit: Oleg Dou

It's time to create an obento from this luvely creature (o;




Dora cake for Lara

Can you imagine dear readers, this girl already turned 4! And I had the honor to create her B-day cake, cookies, waffle wraps for 3 times in a row now.

Lara, my son Daan Miles and our nephew Pele are just 3 very good friends. So before Monday it was 3 times 3.

Happy B-day sweety!!!! I hope you enjoyed your Dora cake!!


If people ask you to create a cake and you have no idea how big it should be. Just work in layers and just make sure you have more then enough ((o; I used 750g of bisquitmix and 12 eggs for 25 toddlers and the teachers. More then enough I know.






Oh so easter is already done?

Yeah sure, and we did our li'll easter celebration on time. Only the pictures on our canon couldn't get on the pc on time.

So here you go, spagetti bolo & gnaize, second favorite of my little biggy. All times favorite is still 'patatjes'.




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Thai isaan food

Ok ok, the picture isn't the best. It was taken with my iPhone. But now you have an idea of how it looks like.

The vegetarian Sesamsticks from Delhaize were delicious, again!!


This is the khaw niaw dam


And here are the nems


All made by my mom. Better pictures will follow.

And this is something so delicious:


Heat some oil in your wok and add chopped garlic and ginger into it. Then add the sliced vegetables and stir well.

I used chinese brocolli but you can use spitfire cabbage (luv the name) or Sweetheart cabbage. Add some dark soy sauce and black pepper and your vegies are ready. Put your veggies aside and heat the wok until maximum and fire (bake) your squid a short time.

I use this soysauce, which almost taste like caramel hihi



Kunming Tofu, Province Yunnan, China

Happy Tuesday all!

It appears there is some new sort of Tofu product in Delhaize which I already ate but I don't know how the package looks like nor the price. I'm talking about small long pieces covered in panko and sesame seeds. Oh My!! So delicious! Let me found out more 'bout this new yummieness and let u know.


Lately I eat more and more vegi instead of meat. I guess it is because of the warm weather as meat is yang and creates heat inside. So why generating heat when it is already warm outside?

Tofu on the other hand is yin so perfect for warm days. I do enjoy the warm weather! And I discovered something very funny. When it is hot like it is now and I smell burning wood, I sooooo hard think of Thailand. That's a strange association no? I luv it (o; I asked hubby where it reminded him of and he said his childhood. Do you have a particular funny association? Or where do you think 'bout smelling burned wood on a hot day? hihihi (๑◕‿◕๑)


This tofu is from Kunming, Province Yunnan China. Hmmz I hope it tasted better then it looked. I'll ask my parents tonight (o; My mom gives a Thai cooking workshop tonight... Suuuure I'll upload some text and recipes here!!







Yam Woon Sen

This is not the traditional yam woon sen. But a variant. but Oh OOOOh I luv yam woon sen

Glass Noodle – 100 g
Fresh shrimp – 8-10
Fresh squid 3 pieces
Coriander leafs 3 stalks
Chopped Shallot – 2 tbsp
Fish sauce – 1 tbsp
Lime juice – 1 tbsp
Liquid sugar – 1 tsp
Chili (as desired - for people who are not used to eat spicy: 1, regular spicy lovers: 2 and die hards at least: 3)

•Soak glass noodle in water until soft, and drained.
•Cook prawn in boiling water for one minute.
•Now something very odd, cut the squid in pieces from 1 cm - 3 cm. Carve them in rhombus shapes and  cover 3 times with boiling water
•For the dressing, mix fish sauce (naam plaa), lime juice, liquid sugar, and the chopped chili (or roasted chili).
•Mixed the glass noodle with all the rest of ingredients, tossed them gently, pour in the dressing and toss them again.
•Taste and try to balance your own flavor, Served on the bed of lettuces.



totoro dolls self made.

How cute is that!!

haha, my mom, my sweet luvely mom made this totoro sweety for me.



And my sweet little sister made me this:



Exotic fruit, fresh crab and pieces of the daily life @ Vietnam

Hoi An! Hanoi?

A school friend of me, Ann went to Vietnam a couple of weeks ago. And I was looking at her pictures and found a few I want to share with you along with some of my pictures.


First of all I'd like to talk 'bout the fruit from a delicious way. My all time favorites are durian (you can buy this frozen in the Thai shop in Leuven for 3.5 euro), Mangoestan (you can buy this in delhaize but it is way to expensive there and you don't know if the fruit is still edible), sugar apple (you just can't buy it here) and really on number 1: Thai Salak Palm เมล็ด สละ

voer sleutelwoorden in

So here is the original picture.




voer sleutelwoorden in

hmmmmmmmmmmz fresh crab. I whish we could have this in Belgium.

voer sleutelwoorden in

This was the last picture from Ann. Thank you!!

And the last picture is from Burma, so you thought strawberries were not available in the east?

Mountain strawberries from the north:

voer sleutelwoorden in

 Oh I cannot resist (o; One more picture from Burma.

voer sleutelwoorden in

♥ Luv ♥




Gezondheidsschool versus OTCG

Hello guys,


No bento, but I'll upload my pictures tonight.

Hubby was in Malaysia last week so I didn't have much time during the evenings as we (little mini me and me) stayed often at my parents place.


Yesterday I followed a short training on the five elements and study of the meridians @ the gezondheiddschool. I am studying traditional chinese medicine for a few months now and wanted to see where I am now. On one hand I was happy to see I am making good progress and already know a large part of the basis. But on the other hand, this is wasted money. You just can't learn on 1 day when it actually requires intensive study, practice and experience for many years.

So initially I wanted to do moxa therapy within 2 weeks in the same school but I won't do it. As also for this subject there are even risks when you apply moxa in conditions. Same as herbal stamp massage. This is not recommended for older people and children. So therefor, I decide to stop doing such short trainings and learn all @ OTCG as this is the official school for traditional chinese medicine.


Working with people, one must realise you can harm a human beïng just lacking knowledge. And I just don't want do be such a person.



If you are intereseted in buying traditional Thai herbal stamps you can contact me and I'll send them to you. They cost 3.5€ per piece and they are made by a traditional Thai herbalist from Kaset Sombun.

It is nice when you give a massage and then continue with the thai herbal stamp. You work with herbs that warm the body, relax and bring relief to tense and overworked muscles. Press the stamp on the pain points of the body and make rolling movements.

You can use the herbal stamps after steaming 10 to 15 minutes in a steamer or you soak the whole in a bowl of water and heat it 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave. Before you start it's recommended to test the temperature by testing it on the sensitive parts of your skin like on the inside of your arm or hand.

You can reuse them up to 7 time, by putting them in a dry place or in the refrigerator.

Do not use with children and pregnant women and pay attention to diabetes and older people.

Ingredients: Tamarind, Lemon grass, camphor, Turmeric (Curcuma), Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Acacia