Thai isaan food

Ok ok, the picture isn't the best. It was taken with my iPhone. But now you have an idea of how it looks like.

The vegetarian Sesamsticks from Delhaize were delicious, again!!


This is the khaw niaw dam


And here are the nems


All made by my mom. Better pictures will follow.

And this is something so delicious:


Heat some oil in your wok and add chopped garlic and ginger into it. Then add the sliced vegetables and stir well.

I used chinese brocolli but you can use spitfire cabbage (luv the name) or Sweetheart cabbage. Add some dark soy sauce and black pepper and your vegies are ready. Put your veggies aside and heat the wok until maximum and fire (bake) your squid a short time.

I use this soysauce, which almost taste like caramel hihi


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