Kunming Tofu, Province Yunnan, China

Happy Tuesday all!

It appears there is some new sort of Tofu product in Delhaize which I already ate but I don't know how the package looks like nor the price. I'm talking about small long pieces covered in panko and sesame seeds. Oh My!! So delicious! Let me found out more 'bout this new yummieness and let u know.


Lately I eat more and more vegi instead of meat. I guess it is because of the warm weather as meat is yang and creates heat inside. So why generating heat when it is already warm outside?

Tofu on the other hand is yin so perfect for warm days. I do enjoy the warm weather! And I discovered something very funny. When it is hot like it is now and I smell burning wood, I sooooo hard think of Thailand. That's a strange association no? I luv it (o; I asked hubby where it reminded him of and he said his childhood. Do you have a particular funny association? Or where do you think 'bout smelling burned wood on a hot day? hihihi (๑◕‿◕๑)


This tofu is from Kunming, Province Yunnan China. Hmmz I hope it tasted better then it looked. I'll ask my parents tonight (o; My mom gives a Thai cooking workshop tonight... Suuuure I'll upload some text and recipes here!!







Ikke ook! Sinds ik nog heel jong was rook ik thailand als ik een vuurtje rook, maar heb het nu vooral in de winter, schoorsteenrook in de buitenlucht! zalig eh! Kaset Sombun waar ze verse visjes op de bbq bakken hmmm

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oooh nog 7 maand and off we go!!
Ik kan ni wachten om naar de markt te gaan in kaset.

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