Yam Woon Sen

This is not the traditional yam woon sen. But a variant. but Oh OOOOh I luv yam woon sen

Glass Noodle – 100 g
Fresh shrimp – 8-10
Fresh squid 3 pieces
Coriander leafs 3 stalks
Chopped Shallot – 2 tbsp
Fish sauce – 1 tbsp
Lime juice – 1 tbsp
Liquid sugar – 1 tsp
Chili (as desired - for people who are not used to eat spicy: 1, regular spicy lovers: 2 and die hards at least: 3)

•Soak glass noodle in water until soft, and drained.
•Cook prawn in boiling water for one minute.
•Now something very odd, cut the squid in pieces from 1 cm - 3 cm. Carve them in rhombus shapes and  cover 3 times with boiling water
•For the dressing, mix fish sauce (naam plaa), lime juice, liquid sugar, and the chopped chili (or roasted chili).
•Mixed the glass noodle with all the rest of ingredients, tossed them gently, pour in the dressing and toss them again.
•Taste and try to balance your own flavor, Served on the bed of lettuces.




Looks nice !

Gepost door: Suikerboontje | 06-05-11

Oooh een van mijn favoriete Thaise salades!! Mmmmmmmmmm

Gepost door: Lila | 08-05-11

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