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Pure beauty is an interesting website about the whole package beauty and feeling good. She's testing and assessing different products for us and tells us about different wellness treatments. http://pure-beauty.skynetblogs.be/

I just subscribed for a weekend training meridians and 5 elements theory. It is the study of yin and yang, meridians and acupuncture points. 2 weeks later I'll follow a training on moxa treatment. This is to stimulate blood and vital energy Qi. And if all goes well, next academic year I'll be studying the basic foundations of chinese medicine. (only of the government recognizes the training as only then I can enjoy training vouchers and educational leave.

Butterfly hamburger


This is a butterfly hamburger. Made from marocan bread and kefta lamb.

I took lamb meat for navarin (which is cheap) and mixed it in the food processor, I added kefta herbs and made hamburgers from it.

Notice mei and chibi totoro on the background? I paid 12.5 euros -50% on the madeinasia expo! jipieeeee.

bye bye




Cauliflower Oh! so delicious

Did u know all sorts of cabbages have an inhibiting effect on the growth of cancer cells in various cancers? I am not in favor of cabbages,... I thought so far. But 2 times in row we made savoy and cauliflower and oh my dear lord. It was super delicious!!

So here we go, just cook the vegetables and put it in your food processor, add a small pot of sour cream, p+s and fresh nutmeg and mix it. Don't mix the thang until you have babyfood but leave big pieces in it for structure.

This is just soooo good. Also cold in the summer it is a refreshment.


Cauliflower is neutral. Like chinese cabbage.

Red cabbage is yang.



The winners !!


Here is the moment you've all been waiting for. 2 Weeks ago I launched my second give away in cooperation with Simone from bentoshop. Many thanks!! 

I can't believe it, in about 2 weeks I got a small 1000 visitors on my little blog. Can you imagine? A room full of 1000 people? Luckely I didn't have to feed them all. (o;

Anyway, enough babbling now, I will announce the winners. Of course I wanted all of you to win. And I luved the comments of all of you. First of all I needed to remove the duplicates and randorm.org chose ...



Congrats Christele and Guy!! you can expect an e-mail message to request your address. And I'll send the presents as soon as possible!!


For all you other participants Thank you so much in sharing the fun.




Spirited away cake

Pele, my little nephew became 3. And he wanted a cake with a dragon. There are quite some dragons but currently we all are into the dragon from spirited away.

So here is his ghibli spirited away cake with kaonashi or no face, haku the dragon, susuwatari, totoro, Neko bus the catbus and kodama the forest spirits.

There isn't a lot of sugarpaste as they don't like sugar.








Cake Chic

Daan Miles already went to second kindergarten as the first one is too big. Therefore we made these lovely oreo cookies with pink sugar icing and flower gum paste.

I guess you can take any cookie you want. But we just luv oreo cookies (if you live in Belgium, you find them in Kruidvat and Delhaize, but if you visit Albert Heyn in the Netherlands or Antwerp now they are way cheaper there). Take some powdered sugar and add a little bit (really a little bit) of water or lemon juice and start stirring, add more if needed. If you decide to make it pink and you use pink powder like a did then there's no need to pay attention on the fluidity. But when you add pink in gel or liquid don't add the water or lemon juice at the beginning as it might become to liquid. Just be carefull.

So many thanks Juf Sonja for taking such good care of my baby big boy!!





My lovely Filoe. How I miss you so much.

You were for 13 years long, my truly best friend. We were always together. Made loads of fun, went for long walks, shared super delicious food, cuddled, hugged, kissed, laughed, we were scared together, excited, sad, happy,...

I've always known you were all over my heart and I've always been afraid of the moment you were going to leave us. I whish you were small again and you could be with us for another 13 years. But hey, I enjoyed every single moment and it's funny when I think of you I realise I have thousands of different memories.

I truly hope you enjoyed life, as I chose you to share your life with me and us. You were more then our dog, you were the shining funny one and everybody adored you. Of course I still want to hold you not once, but every day again. Greet you in the morning, have you with me, and everything we used to do. But it's ok now, you were strong, and it's ok for me for you to go. I'll keep on loving you with the same strenght. All my life.

Deep in my heart you are still with me, forever as we are best friends forever, beyond the material package.


with great and humble respect xxx



WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #3

Her name is Annelore Parot.

Or is it Yumi? Actually she's hot as she has tons of friends. Michiko, Aoki, Emi, ... like my niece Emy (o;

They are all kokeshi. Go and take a look at the website. http://kokeshi-leclub.com/kokeshi/

There's a bunch of fun out there! Like a little Japanese party.


She has a couple of books Yumi, Kimono, which are available at fnac, standaard boekhandel, davidsfonds, ... There are more but not yet translated into dutch I guess.

I did ask for permission to post the party paper craft on my blog you see in the give away as she is the mom of yumi and one must ask before using stuff from others.

But here already 1 item: The cupcake wrappers from Yumi. Go and print this stuff and make some delicious cupcakes with the kids, decorate them and wrap the cupcake wrappers around them.

It is no time to celebrate? With all the stuff that is going on in Japan, with me loosing my dog Filoe,... so therefore, be happy celebrate when you can. Life's too short.

Don't forget the madeinasia expo this weekend in Brussels.







WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #2

Here we have our second in the picture shot.

This bentobox is my absolut favorite. I luv shinkansen!!



This weekend there is a major event in Brussels Expo: http://www.madeinasia.be/nl/

I'll go on Friday as on Friday between 19h & 21h you can get in for free. I did order already some totoro stuff on this website: http://www.taiyou.fr/ as I don't need to pay transport wiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


Good luck again!


WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #1

Guys & Dolls, Can I have your attention?

Don't forget to add your e-mail addresses so I can reach you (only for those I cannot contact).

Anyhow, here you have the first in the picture shot for those who are curious about the presents and want to see them in detail.



Also, bento is traditionally Japanese. I admire the Japanese for their uniqueness and creativity. My heart is with them during the disasters they are facing.

If you wish you can sign the book of condolence opened by the City of Leuven and the University of Leuven. The book will be available at the University Hall (Naamsestraat 22) and at the City Office (Prof. Van Overstraetenplein 1) from Tuesday morning until Friday evening.





wedstrijd - give away !!

Dear all,


I have superb news. Filoe started back eating and drinking bits so I decided this is a good time to launch te give away.

Last time I concentrated on Belgium only as the sponsor Pichouline was from Antwerp, Belgium.

This time this give away is for the entire European Union. Before I tell you what you can win I would like to say a big thanks to Simone from Bentoshop.de for making this all possible. THANK YOU

She was so kind to give 2 packages as give away. On top of that I made some papercraft based on the book Yumi from Annelore Parot.

So all you need to do is leave an answer on this blog message and tell me which package you like the most.

Make sure to leave your e-mail address so I can reach you when you are the winner.

You can only leave 1 comment.

On the 28th of March I will announce the winners as there will be 2.

Present 1




 Present 2


Additional Papercraft with both packages






Qi Jasmin tea, wakame & boeksering


For all you non-speaking dutch people let me explain you what boeksering is. It is traditional smoked herring. Many generations back people smoked it on a bucket with newspaper. Nowadays you can buy it in the supermarket. I luv this with tea and somen noodles. I also added wakame salad as vegetables which is made from seaweed.

The tea is really the best I've tasted from all Jasmin teas. And I've tasted many different ones as I'm addicted to the flavour of Jasmins (o;

This is a real healthy & Japanese o'bento. But I am sure if you make this for men they would rather eat their worn socks.


Filoe's situation is still the same, he won't eat or drink. We are very worried and it is breaking my heart. But he has no pain so we continue hoping and pushing.







pipi longstocking cake

Nona is my little niece's baby-girl. Before my niece had any children she even refused to look at pink-hello kitty things I guess. And now her house is probably filled with plush, pink, sparkels, hello kitty. She could have been the one who invented the http://www.kittyhell.com/ blog. Which is so funny.

Anyway, for Nona's first cake she chose pipi longstocking. And here is the result:



my lovely Filoe

Good morning,

The contest is postponed for a few days as I was ill and my little dog is currently super ill. I don't know if he will stay with us for a long time. He is depleting his own blood and it doesn't look good. He has internal bleedings which won't stop. He's still my puppy for almost 13 years now. But when he keeps fighting, I'll fight with him. But when there is no more hope left, I'll guide him to dog-heaven and cherish him in my heart.