The winners !!


Here is the moment you've all been waiting for. 2 Weeks ago I launched my second give away in cooperation with Simone from bentoshop. Many thanks!! 

I can't believe it, in about 2 weeks I got a small 1000 visitors on my little blog. Can you imagine? A room full of 1000 people? Luckely I didn't have to feed them all. (o;

Anyway, enough babbling now, I will announce the winners. Of course I wanted all of you to win. And I luved the comments of all of you. First of all I needed to remove the duplicates and randorm.org chose ...



Congrats Christele and Guy!! you can expect an e-mail message to request your address. And I'll send the presents as soon as possible!!


For all you other participants Thank you so much in sharing the fun.




Dank je voor je berichtje!!
Leuke blog!

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Congratulations to the winners!!

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