My lovely Filoe. How I miss you so much.

You were for 13 years long, my truly best friend. We were always together. Made loads of fun, went for long walks, shared super delicious food, cuddled, hugged, kissed, laughed, we were scared together, excited, sad, happy,...

I've always known you were all over my heart and I've always been afraid of the moment you were going to leave us. I whish you were small again and you could be with us for another 13 years. But hey, I enjoyed every single moment and it's funny when I think of you I realise I have thousands of different memories.

I truly hope you enjoyed life, as I chose you to share your life with me and us. You were more then our dog, you were the shining funny one and everybody adored you. Of course I still want to hold you not once, but every day again. Greet you in the morning, have you with me, and everything we used to do. But it's ok now, you were strong, and it's ok for me for you to go. I'll keep on loving you with the same strenght. All my life.

Deep in my heart you are still with me, forever as we are best friends forever, beyond the material package.


with great and humble respect xxx




Gepost door: FiloSophietje | 24-03-11

:( innige deelneming!

Gepost door: Lila | 25-03-11

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