WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #3

Her name is Annelore Parot.

Or is it Yumi? Actually she's hot as she has tons of friends. Michiko, Aoki, Emi, ... like my niece Emy (o;

They are all kokeshi. Go and take a look at the website. http://kokeshi-leclub.com/kokeshi/

There's a bunch of fun out there! Like a little Japanese party.


She has a couple of books Yumi, Kimono, which are available at fnac, standaard boekhandel, davidsfonds, ... There are more but not yet translated into dutch I guess.

I did ask for permission to post the party paper craft on my blog you see in the give away as she is the mom of yumi and one must ask before using stuff from others.

But here already 1 item: The cupcake wrappers from Yumi. Go and print this stuff and make some delicious cupcakes with the kids, decorate them and wrap the cupcake wrappers around them.

It is no time to celebrate? With all the stuff that is going on in Japan, with me loosing my dog Filoe,... so therefore, be happy celebrate when you can. Life's too short.

Don't forget the madeinasia expo this weekend in Brussels.






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