WEDSTRIJD - GIVE AWAY !! in the picture #1

Guys & Dolls, Can I have your attention?

Don't forget to add your e-mail addresses so I can reach you (only for those I cannot contact).

Anyhow, here you have the first in the picture shot for those who are curious about the presents and want to see them in detail.



Also, bento is traditionally Japanese. I admire the Japanese for their uniqueness and creativity. My heart is with them during the disasters they are facing.

If you wish you can sign the book of condolence opened by the City of Leuven and the University of Leuven. The book will be available at the University Hall (Naamsestraat 22) and at the City Office (Prof. Van Overstraetenplein 1) from Tuesday morning until Friday evening.





alles oke

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