Shinkansen bento

Good Morning y'all!


Look at this lovely new bentobox we got from the bentoshop store!

I was so excited talking to the owner Simone, ordering and receiving the package @ home. What a sweet lady she is! I am sensitive when it comes to quality, but this went perfect! On time, quick, u know (o; wiiiiiiii


This will be one of the prices you can win in the contest I'll launch this week. This bentobox is surprisingly large! Thus for European standards. Sometimes I find the bentoboxes too small but this is perfect!

You have 2 layers and the close method is very practical. I loooooove shinkansen. Look how cute it is.

Currently this bento box is on sale for 3,90 €.


Did you notice totoro?? It is edible paper print. Yeah I could have cut it better but as always I was in a rush (o;


Happy day all of you!!




ik doe mee!!

Gepost door: kanch | 02-03-11

super cool
good luck eh (chock dee hihi)

Gepost door: BentoMama | 06-03-11

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