Most cutest - kawaii

Happy Friday! (✿◡‿◡)


Don't u sometimes bump into a website where u think, woooow that's cool!

Take a look at http://mostcutest.wordpress.com. This is about a girl who likes kawaii. And becoz you cannot find a lot of kawaii here in the European region she started to import kawaii herself at a very young age and sels it @ http://mostcutest.nl/.

What I like the most in her shop is the apple decotape:


And something very cute are the lucky stars she's selling. It's something Japanese of course! and it's like micro-origami. From small strokes of paper you make lucky hearts and stars like this:


Because I found the entire thang she does so cool I gave her this cupcake wrapper with logo:




that's it for today!

CU later xxx



How to - cupcakes

Hello hello,


I just want to share you a quick how to for the cupcakes.

I guess the secret for making gorgeous cupcakes is patience. It actually doesn't matter if you are creative or not, it's just a matter of enjoy things where you must have patience.

This first picture shows how you can glue things on your gumpaste. This is edible glue from de taartenfee and you better glue your items with a paintbrush n°1. On the back you see the silver pearls I got from ava papierwaren. You have a whole section of birth articles where you can find great stuff.



The second very important thing is because everything is so tiny to use some tweezers. In this case I used them to glue the flower, the silver pearl and the oyster pearls. I got the oyster pearls for 1,5 € and you get around 350 pearls in different sizes. Which is great! Different sizes for pearls are absolutely trendy.




Here you see the tools I used to shape the flowers in gumpaste. Gumpaste is absolutely great to work with. And to be honest, the gumpaste from stonemanor is a little bit cheaper then from de taartenfee but the quality from de taartenfee is much better then from stonemanor. The flowers come in packages of 3 in different sizes and costs 5€. I used the stick with ball to shape the flower from flat to a spherical. The rolling pin I got along with a book and some other tools for new year from hubby.





At last,... this is also something brand new, it's edible lustre snowflake from sugarflair that adds a pearlised or frost-like lustre to sugarpaste. It sparkles your cupcake to a higher level. This small tube costs 2.90€ and even if it seems a little, you can sparkle for years (o;



See you guys & dolls!



Cupcakes for a sweet 18 year old, gorgeous girl



For her sweet 18, Linde's mom ordered a whole bunch of cupcakes with me !!! (wiiiiiiiiiiiiii) She came to me already weeks ago, telling me about this great idea she had for her daughter. Later on, she showed me some pictures and *bang* I knew exactly what she wanted. Gorgeous pink stylish cupcakes. The way I like them to be. And on Friday she had a surprise party while on Monday she treated everyone at school.

Isn't life great? It's the small things that makes us happy.







Panda Boo Bento

Good day y'all,


I've made this butterfly Panda Boo bento yesterday evening. But my -little me- wanted to join us for a warm meal. Which was fine for me. Of course!

So I was making fresh peas & carrots, saussages and potatoes. Just regular Belgian food. Then my hubby walks into the kitchen as he always does and start complaining,... Your carrots are still too hard, what are you doing? On Sunday I made carrot soup with crab and cream, there was too much cream in it he said, I didn't make any meat and he complained again. There isn't a day that goes by where he needs to complain. Even though I do the best I can. But hey, I am not a professional cook and I also have some off-days.

Do you also have creatures walking around in your house complaining 'bout what you do but never do those things themselves?




My mom @ the hospital in Sianoukville


Helleuw u all,


I just got an email from my dad saying my mom was in the hospital last night in Sianoukville, Cambodia. She is suffering from salmonella. Poor mama, this is so bad. But he said we shouldn't worry, of course... But still I'm a bit anxious. She's so fragile, my mom.


20101110 - 130338 - Mama.jpg



BTW: Sianoukville is great! You should go there visiting Cambodia. I luv it!


Within a week we are able to book our flights to thailand for the end of the year. Did you know you can only book 10 to 11 months beforehand? I'm so excited u know.

I asked connections and uniglobe to check the prices for me and get back to me. We will most likely go with 12 people hihihhihii.





babies for Dauw Sawaang




I don't know if you see it well but these are all babies in marzipan. My sweetheart godchild asked me to make them for his B-day. And of'course I was glad to make them as he is my biggest fan!







Intensions & wishes

Dear all, dear you,


A few days ago, someone asked me about my wishes for 2011. Honostly, I didn't thought about it.

But now I know, as I spoke with a few people which were facing serious difficulties in their life and my wish for 2011 is to wish them luck and prosperity.

Perhaps you are in the middle of a struggle to say goodbye to someone special in your life, perhaps you yourself are very ill, perhaps you missed your dreams or just miss someone or you feel very lonely? There can be many reason why one need luck and prosperity. But never forget, focus on what you have.

My goals for 2011 are surely going to Thailand (yiiiiihaaaaaa) and study again. I will surely do the basic year for chinese medicine and would luv to continue with Qi massage. So I need to start saving money to be able to do this. *ouch* And most important of all, play and have loads of fun with my little boy.




Hi all!

Don't u luv the simplicity of a traditional lunch? I can enjoy a meal with just rice, fish and green vegies. Every week we eat broccoli, we luuuuv broccoli! Do u?



Beaver bento


Hi all,

This beaver bento makes me kinda happy only looking at it. Dunno why actually (o;

You see fresh home made braised apple. Ok, it's cheaper to buy it ready but I luv to make it myself. Just add sum butter in a sauce pan, add the apples, cinnamon and nutmeg when the butter is melted and braise it for a while.

Noticed the king crab? Miles luved it last year, but this year, he didn't like it anymore. I didn't mind hihi.





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Totoro Sandwich



It actually was kinda cute! Last time I added the monkey into his Wednesdays bentobox, the kids at school played with this li'll cute monkey for a few days. I didn't had a clue where it was and I assumed it was thrown away. But a few days later I saw it again while another kid was playing with it. I really like the apple he's holding (o;

This weekend we saw totoro again. I guess we saw it like thousand times...



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Good Monday all,

During christmas season we did a lot of craft work which we found in my petit prince his dopido magazine. Including this delicious snowman bread. I added some extra winter herbs like cinnamon and nutmeg to make it tasty as the original recipe it was a bit boring.

<I'll post the recipe later today>

PS: look how proud he was. I do luv the way he made the face. 




Red umbrella bento

Happy weekend guys!!




Santa cake





Octopus bento

My little boy enjoyed this bento a lot.

It has been a while I created a bento. But I spent a lot of time reading now about chinese medicine and plato. Yes I know, I am a bit crazy. I also watched some movies like the last airbender and spirited away. These are such great movies and you should see them. Now my little boy always would like to go to the buddhist temple to see luong phoo as he looks like the avatar (o; so funny.


Yin: corn, radish
Yang: shrimps, Laotian black sticky rice
Neutral: beans, cheese

The standard white rice (khaw) is of the neutral type. Also brown rice is neutral. But sticky rice, sweet rice, rice water and rice wine is of the ying type.


Chibi Totoro cotton candy

Sawatdee pi mai khon souwai!

Happy fabulous new year at this very beginning of 2011.

I would like to wish you a balanced year of prosperity, joy, hapiness and luck. Strenght whenever needed and luv every single day of the year.

I would also like to give you a challenge for this year. --Do something crazy-- Yes that's right! Unregarded your age just do something really crazy that makes you excited and happy. I'll let you know whenever I do something crazy, ok I am not that young anymore but still... Last week I saw my neighbours playing in the snow. So my little boy and I rushed doing our coats and hats on and we ran outside to do a snow fight. Absolutely great! And don't forget to share your experience (o; I'm already curious...

To start the year in a good mood here you see chibi totoro in cotton candy.