Most cutest - kawaii

Happy Friday! (✿◡‿◡)


Don't u sometimes bump into a website where u think, woooow that's cool!

Take a look at http://mostcutest.wordpress.com. This is about a girl who likes kawaii. And becoz you cannot find a lot of kawaii here in the European region she started to import kawaii herself at a very young age and sels it @ http://mostcutest.nl/.

What I like the most in her shop is the apple decotape:


And something very cute are the lucky stars she's selling. It's something Japanese of course! and it's like micro-origami. From small strokes of paper you make lucky hearts and stars like this:


Because I found the entire thang she does so cool I gave her this cupcake wrapper with logo:




that's it for today!

CU later xxx


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