How to - cupcakes

Hello hello,


I just want to share you a quick how to for the cupcakes.

I guess the secret for making gorgeous cupcakes is patience. It actually doesn't matter if you are creative or not, it's just a matter of enjoy things where you must have patience.

This first picture shows how you can glue things on your gumpaste. This is edible glue from de taartenfee and you better glue your items with a paintbrush n°1. On the back you see the silver pearls I got from ava papierwaren. You have a whole section of birth articles where you can find great stuff.



The second very important thing is because everything is so tiny to use some tweezers. In this case I used them to glue the flower, the silver pearl and the oyster pearls. I got the oyster pearls for 1,5 € and you get around 350 pearls in different sizes. Which is great! Different sizes for pearls are absolutely trendy.




Here you see the tools I used to shape the flowers in gumpaste. Gumpaste is absolutely great to work with. And to be honest, the gumpaste from stonemanor is a little bit cheaper then from de taartenfee but the quality from de taartenfee is much better then from stonemanor. The flowers come in packages of 3 in different sizes and costs 5€. I used the stick with ball to shape the flower from flat to a spherical. The rolling pin I got along with a book and some other tools for new year from hubby.





At last,... this is also something brand new, it's edible lustre snowflake from sugarflair that adds a pearlised or frost-like lustre to sugarpaste. It sparkles your cupcake to a higher level. This small tube costs 2.90€ and even if it seems a little, you can sparkle for years (o;



See you guys & dolls!


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