Intensions & wishes

Dear all, dear you,


A few days ago, someone asked me about my wishes for 2011. Honostly, I didn't thought about it.

But now I know, as I spoke with a few people which were facing serious difficulties in their life and my wish for 2011 is to wish them luck and prosperity.

Perhaps you are in the middle of a struggle to say goodbye to someone special in your life, perhaps you yourself are very ill, perhaps you missed your dreams or just miss someone or you feel very lonely? There can be many reason why one need luck and prosperity. But never forget, focus on what you have.

My goals for 2011 are surely going to Thailand (yiiiiihaaaaaa) and study again. I will surely do the basic year for chinese medicine and would luv to continue with Qi massage. So I need to start saving money to be able to do this. *ouch* And most important of all, play and have loads of fun with my little boy.


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