My mom @ the hospital in Sianoukville


Helleuw u all,


I just got an email from my dad saying my mom was in the hospital last night in Sianoukville, Cambodia. She is suffering from salmonella. Poor mama, this is so bad. But he said we shouldn't worry, of course... But still I'm a bit anxious. She's so fragile, my mom.


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BTW: Sianoukville is great! You should go there visiting Cambodia. I luv it!


Within a week we are able to book our flights to thailand for the end of the year. Did you know you can only book 10 to 11 months beforehand? I'm so excited u know.

I asked connections and uniglobe to check the prices for me and get back to me. We will most likely go with 12 people hihihhihii.





Ik ben in Sihanoukville geweest!! Het is daar zoooo leuk, Cambodia is even fantastisch als Thailand vind ik!!

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Heey Lila Vanille,

Jij hebt heel de wereld gezien !?
Oh ik mis het daar zo hard he. Ik krijg er maar niet genoeg van (o;

Als ik naar je blogje ga blijven die katteoogjes me maar aanstaren hihi

Happy New Year girl!

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