China: Jinghong Market, Lijiang, Traditional food

Ni Hao!

My parents just visited South-China. They send us a couple of beautiful pictures. Everything that has something to do with food or taichi they gather for me. Isn't that lovely!! They saw a whole bunch of people doing taichi and they got it on tape so I can watch it later on.

Initially I wanted to visit Mongolia for Daan Miles his spring party within a couple of years. (he is not baptised in a catholic way but in a buddhist way and therefor he will not have a traditional holy communion). But looking at the pictures of china I decided we will all take a visit to China. Thai baptism actually means welcome to the family. Let's think about his spring party like "and now you are a big boy so you can sit with us at the big table to dine with us". hihi I think that's cute (o;

The pictures below are from Jinghong Market and Lijiang.




Jinghong markt.jpg

Jinghong markt02.jpg



Candle cakes and agression




These are 2 of my newest creations from 'think outside the box'. When I make cakes for b-days or other celebrations I try to make it not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. Until a while ago I only worked with things you can eat, but since a short while I extend that to paper craft as well. So here you see my candle cakes with eatable delights on the inside but papercraft on the outside.

Tonight I'll start painting the santa cake for Friday. It will be a 20-persons cake for Daan Miles' school.

Yesterday we went to see santa (sinterklaas) and a woman on the parking attacked us like crazy. She tried to get me out of my car but I could lock the doors right on time. She was hitting my windows like hell and was shouting like crazy... while her kids were alone in her car... what a mess :/ I was so happy Daan Miles was sleeping. I wanted to call the cops but then I needed to spend time waiting for them. While Daan Miles had a meet and greet with santa. But tonight I will go to the police to tell my story.

I wonder why a mom with 2 children is reacting like an aggresive boxer. She thought she was first at a parking spot while I was waiting there already for a few minutes. Within the 5 minutes after this incident there were 4 other available parking spots within 5-10 meters. Did you ever been faced with aggresion? Could it be the pressure of society people become aggressive and unfriendly? While she was hitting on my window I looked down and made no eye contact to not encourage the fire. Sounds stupid but I couldn't take the risc becoming injured while my little boy was in the car. crazy world. horrible woman...




Corn bento

This is a simple bento with corn, cumcumber, carrots, eggs and rice. A little piece of fresh shitaki and ham. Since a few months you can buy fresh shitaki from Delhaize and I'm still so excited about it. They are so delicious!

yin: corn, cumcumber, egg white,  
yang: x
neutral: carrots, yolk, rice, shitaki, ham



Shinkansen bentobox on http://www.bentoshop.de

You know I am always looking for good prices and quality when it comes to ... everything. I am screening tons of websites selling bento stuff and I found an amazing on line shop in Germany!! yooohooooooo!!!

Check this out: http://www.bentoshop.de

It is in german but no worry, use the google translator to translate the website in any language you want. German > Dutch

I will order a whole bunch of stuff very soon and perhaps some nice people visiting the website and the blog will get overloaded with presents? Xmass presents? I don't know. I haven't said a word about it. It's still our little secret!! Bare in mind Xmass is on it's way and we still need to look for creativity to keep the presents cheap, but original and funky!

lotsa luuuuuuv


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butterfly bento

A few weeks ago I found a box of vintage skewers in a shop. Probably they got them from the ceiling from 50 years ago. But they are beautifull!!! Here you see the butterfly but there are many more. I'll show you soon.

You see brocolli mashed potatoes, half an egg, flat beans, coconut bread (from Albert Heyn in the Netherlands) and a tangerine. I stuck 3 sausages on the butterfly skewer.

yin: brocolli, egg white
yang: x
Neutral: potatoes, yolk, flat beans, coconut, tangerine, sausages


Look at how tall my little boy already is! He was so proud he ate 3 petit gervais. hihi


I was super surprised he eats anything! Brussels sprouts, chicory soup with mackerel,... I am astonished but the proudest mom on earth!!


Thai Rice Soup ~ Khao Tom

When you feel a li'll bit ill or u are very cold this soup is fantastic! In Thailand it is a traditional breakfast soup and you can get this at different guesthouses/hotels.
I luv this soup, because it's flavours and aromatic touch.
The ingredients are quite common so when you have some rice left overs from the previous day you can easily go ahead and make this deliciousness.
Just for your information: khao means rice and tom means boiled.

2 cups minced meat (pork/beef)
1 cup cooked rice
1 tablespoon nam pla - fish sauce
2 small eggs

2 teaspoons finely minced fresh ginger
2 teaspoons minced cilantro
1 minced spring onion

In a saucepan boil your water and add ginger and pork, stirring to break it up. Reduce heat to a simmer, stir in the cooked rice, and simmer for 2 minutes. Season with the fish sauce. When ready to serve, break a whole egg into each individual bowl. Bring the soup to a boil and ladle over the eggs. Garnish with cilantro and spring onions. Cover the bowls with lids, let sit for a minute to let the egg poach.



yin: egg white
yang: cilantro, ginger, spring onions
neutral: rice, yolk, pork, beef
Because of the many yang ingrediënts this is a good autumn, winter, soup


my Bday cake

This was so cool!!

As it was my Bday I could choose the theme myself for my Bday cake. And guess what, I've chosen a Japanese lady playing with her lovely cat.


I also like the great wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai. But that was too difficult to paint (o; Maybe next time?


Deer bento

I made a chickensoup with fresh carrots and peas as I really don't like canned food. Yin Yang food also discourages canned food so we make as many fresh food as possible. The Dalai Lama used to say, be kind whenever possible, it's always possible. So I say, eat fresh and healthy whenever possible hihi. Daan Miles is crazy about corns and as it is corn season so he is a very lucky boy. Broccoli is always on our menu and mister reindeer is on top of Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles.  


Japanese tomoshiraga somen noodles
You can buy them in any asian food shop. Boil them for a few minutes (2-3') and rinse under cold water. This is delicious with a spicy peanut sauce and fresh green raw vegetables.



Primus Haacht Brewery & the moustaches

For our team event we visited the brewery of Haacht. It was fun coz my little sister is working at the brasserie of the brewery and after our visit we went to grab diner at my sister's place. And that was fun!

The colleagues


The boss & his moustache

Me & my chocolate moustache

My beautifull Oh La Laaa little sister

Sea bass with butter sauce, cappers and mashed potatoes

Chicken with forest champignions, finished with white beer of Haacht

Panna Cotta with red fruit




tom ka kung & pumpkin

Oh my dog!! This is delicious!! I just made a regular Tom Ka Kung soup and added pumpkin and cauliflower to have more autumn vegetables. This was sucha great idea and everybody luved this soup! So I'll make it again,.. and again,.. and again (o;

Did you know the 'tom' in tom yam and tom ka means boiled in thai?

The easiest way to have a tom ka soup is to use the Lobo tom ka paste. Add a can of coconutmilk and some chicken bouillon & p+s. Once this is boiling add the pumpkin and cauliflower and just at the end add the shrimps.

yum yum yum ♥



tom ka.jpg

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heavenly ... mud

It apears that people with oriental genes fall in luuuuuuv with oreo cookies at first sight. Here is a recipe of what I call heavenly mud. It is great with sand-cookies, cupcake, bisquit or just regular. hmmmmz yummie (o:

250 mascarponé
175 ml cream with 40% fat 8 crumbled oreo cookies whipe the cream and add mascarponé and cookies hihi



Under my umbrella

If u ever watched totoro an umbrella will never be the same anymore. I bought these cute umbrella's from pichouline. This is a fresh tomat-krevetje and carrot mashed potatoes with boulletjes. (o;


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