Candle cakes and agression




These are 2 of my newest creations from 'think outside the box'. When I make cakes for b-days or other celebrations I try to make it not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. Until a while ago I only worked with things you can eat, but since a short while I extend that to paper craft as well. So here you see my candle cakes with eatable delights on the inside but papercraft on the outside.

Tonight I'll start painting the santa cake for Friday. It will be a 20-persons cake for Daan Miles' school.

Yesterday we went to see santa (sinterklaas) and a woman on the parking attacked us like crazy. She tried to get me out of my car but I could lock the doors right on time. She was hitting my windows like hell and was shouting like crazy... while her kids were alone in her car... what a mess :/ I was so happy Daan Miles was sleeping. I wanted to call the cops but then I needed to spend time waiting for them. While Daan Miles had a meet and greet with santa. But tonight I will go to the police to tell my story.

I wonder why a mom with 2 children is reacting like an aggresive boxer. She thought she was first at a parking spot while I was waiting there already for a few minutes. Within the 5 minutes after this incident there were 4 other available parking spots within 5-10 meters. Did you ever been faced with aggresion? Could it be the pressure of society people become aggressive and unfriendly? While she was hitting on my window I looked down and made no eye contact to not encourage the fire. Sounds stupid but I couldn't take the risc becoming injured while my little boy was in the car. crazy world. horrible woman...




omg zo erg. ocharme toch! ma echt goe gereageerd, zo n mense zijn echt ni te schatte. knuffel

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pfioew!! Da was ni normaal :/
Ik vraag me toch wel af waarom mensen zo doen? Ok, ge kunt iet komen zeggen maar zo?? crazy woman


Gepost door: Misuno BentoMama | 30-11-10

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