butterfly bento

A few weeks ago I found a box of vintage skewers in a shop. Probably they got them from the ceiling from 50 years ago. But they are beautifull!!! Here you see the butterfly but there are many more. I'll show you soon.

You see brocolli mashed potatoes, half an egg, flat beans, coconut bread (from Albert Heyn in the Netherlands) and a tangerine. I stuck 3 sausages on the butterfly skewer.

yin: brocolli, egg white
yang: x
Neutral: potatoes, yolk, flat beans, coconut, tangerine, sausages


Look at how tall my little boy already is! He was so proud he ate 3 petit gervais. hihi


I was super surprised he eats anything! Brussels sprouts, chicory soup with mackerel,... I am astonished but the proudest mom on earth!!

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