Jules B-day cake for my li'll prince

He is 3!!!! Yihaaaaa! today is Daan Miles is his B-day and I decided to make him a B-day cake from Julleke to celebrate at school. This sunday we do a red-samsam party and ow behave! it well be groovy! But I told u guys that before hihi.

verjaardagtaart DM 002.jpg

My li'll boy was born 28 October 2007 at 12:10.



sushi? Somebody

I promise you all I will update again! I had loads of work finishing some B-day cakes hihi

This week is my little boy his 3rd birthday. I'm so excited! He is helping me a lot fixing his party. He wanted a red colored party from SamSam and an apple crumble pie with white clouds.

And BentoMama only needs one word having this explode in a hell of a groovy party!!



hello kitty cake 3D




Pumpkin and chestnuts

This was an amazing recipe! I just invented it based on a soup of Paul Bocuse. Just stew your pumpkin in butter and add oven roasted chestnuts and stew this for a short while. Some pieces of your pumpkin should still be a little bit hard. I don't need to mention you have to add salt and pepper don't I? 

Pumpkin has a neutral character while chestnuts are yang, thus an excellent healthy autumn recipe. Pumpkins, along with carrots and whole grains are good for your stomach, pancreatic and spleen.

I really enjoyed looking for wood chestnuts with my little boy. I'd luv the autumn sun on my skin. It really makes me happy!

Have a look at this totoro pumpkin from Caroline Alexander. This is a piece of art!


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