Snail bento


This snail bento was delicious! The fish was made in the oven with coriander and coriander roots, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and fresh tomatoes.

So cute how my little boy (who always says he is a big boy) says little green balls to peas.

PS: I soooo feel like switching back to dutch hihihihhi ♥


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How to hello kitty brownie


As many people were curious about how I shaped the hello kitty, here you find the tutorial.
I used this mold which I bought a long time ago from http://www.patchshopgirl.nl for 12.95€.
I pressed sugar paste in it and placed it in the freezer for at least 5 minutes. Then I filled it up with crumbled brownie. At this phase you can add the mascarpone mix as well. Place it in the freezer again then pop it out. Paint or decorate kawaii.




hello kitty cakes

Good morning all ♥

This weekend we went to the moon festival, chinese Zhongqiu in Antwerp. It was so much fun! Foto's about this festivity will follow soon.

Now about these cute hello kitty cakes... I am making some sampels for a friend I know since childhood. Did I already tell you she was a great traditional Thai dancer? Now she has 2 beautifull kids and one of them is celebrating her B-day very soon. *exciting* She's crazy about hello kitty and by coincidence, I have tons of hello kitty stuff at home (o;

These hello kitty cakes are filled with brownie. I would add some sour cream and mascarpone inside as well.




Yin Yang Food .~°3°~.

Good morning all!

The new academic year is starting and it is quite bussy at work as thousands of students arrive in Leuven. A warm welcome to all of them!

A new lesson in yin and yang food: It is recommended to eat mostly neutral food during every meal and less pronounced yin and yang food. As neutral food provides balance.

This is a list of neutral food:
Fruit: tangerines, oranges, blueberries, plums, coconuts, figs, currants, grapes, raisins, apricots, pineapple and papaya.
Vegetables: carrots, string beans, sea vegetables, potatoes, olives, celery, beets, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, okra, shiitake mushrooms, black beans, lapwing beans, Chinese cabbage, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, black mushrooms, beetroot
Fish and Meat: beef, chicken, pork, pork liver, goose, duck, beef liver, brains, carp, sturgeon, whitefish, mackerel, herring, sardines, scallops (Saint-Jacques), oysters
Nuts, Seeds,...: Seeds, nuts, hazelnuts, rice, brown rice, pearl barley, cereals, bread, tapioca, carob, vanilla, milk, cheese, peanuts, peanut oil, almonds, cashew nuts, pecans, white suger, honey, maple syrup, nutmeg, oats, sesame, sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil, shepherd's purse, saffron, yolk


 In this picture: a fresh summer salad with tomatoes (yin), samphire (neutral), mozzarella (neutral) and letuce (yin).

In the meantime I'm still reading and learning a lot about yin and yang food. And allready questions pop into my head where I need to find answers. One of the questions is: When the balance of your food diet leans often to intens yang food for example, one can get chi accmulation, reduced or reversed chi. Nowadays groups of people eat too much junk food, does that means that some populations have malfunction chi?

Just think about it....



barbamama bento


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Pop Corn Fun


This recipe is typically Thai but it isn't made often in Thai cuisines. My mom luvs this! I didn't know (o; Heat some oil in a wok and add honey and pili pili and fry a bit. Then add cashew nuts and coconut flesh and stir well. We added some pop corn as well to pop it up a li'll bit.



my first order ever

From the sweetest girl in town. Liesbetje
We know eachother for many many years from gymnastics!

thanks a lot luv. xxx .










miffy & hello kitty cupcakes




Hello Kitty vs Adidas CupCake wrappers

Hi guys and dolls,

To launch a great weekend I created these hello kitty vs adidas cupcake wrappers.

It appears many people luv hello kitty. I see this hello kitty madness everywhere. I personally always luved pochaco and keroppi the most. They are so adorable. (o;

I'll create for the weekend BBQ (YES! the weather will be good) some chocolate drops cupcakes with mint-mascarpone frosting. covered in these sweet cupcake wrappers.

For 12 cupcakes
3 eggs
120g butter
180g suger
2 little bags of vanille suger
180g self rising flour
chocolat drops

Seperate the white and the yolk. Beat up the egg white. Then mix yolk, sugers and butter well with an electric mixer. Add the egg white and fold gently. Then add the flour and chocolat drops. Put it in the oven for about 20' on 180°C

For the frosting I think I'll just mix mascarpone with whipped cream (40%) and mint flavour, no extra suga honey!!





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doraemon bento