Hello Kitty vs Adidas CupCake wrappers

Hi guys and dolls,

To launch a great weekend I created these hello kitty vs adidas cupcake wrappers.

It appears many people luv hello kitty. I see this hello kitty madness everywhere. I personally always luved pochaco and keroppi the most. They are so adorable. (o;

I'll create for the weekend BBQ (YES! the weather will be good) some chocolate drops cupcakes with mint-mascarpone frosting. covered in these sweet cupcake wrappers.

For 12 cupcakes
3 eggs
120g butter
180g suger
2 little bags of vanille suger
180g self rising flour
chocolat drops

Seperate the white and the yolk. Beat up the egg white. Then mix yolk, sugers and butter well with an electric mixer. Add the egg white and fold gently. Then add the flour and chocolat drops. Put it in the oven for about 20' on 180°C

For the frosting I think I'll just mix mascarpone with whipped cream (40%) and mint flavour, no extra suga honey!!



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