Yin Yang Food .~°2°~.

Hi guys and dolls!

Summer holiday is over. While we were waiting and waiting for li'll bits of sun...
I couldn't long more for Thailand. So we keep on dreaming of winning the lotery while Lila Vanille is gone to South-Korea.

Here is my little boy who is growing so hard playing with his nephew in the rain. So lovely! 


I did tell u about yin & yang food before, suggesting to eat according to local supplies not shop supplies. I did the exercise already and start buying belgian apples instead of my favorite jazz apples from France.

The second advice on this journey is to look at your geographical location and season.
But before I explain, you need to know yin represents cold and yang represents hot.

yin = cold & fresh
yang = hot & warm

For geographical location advice: in Belgium we live in a cold/fresh area, therefore you must eat more yang food. When you live in Thailand you must eat more yin food. And actually most of us do! yin food can be exotic fruit. So being on holiday or living in Thailand you eat more exotic fruit then here. And don't you love stew in winter when it's cold outside in Belgium? Also when season change adapt your yin & yang balance to the season you're in. Eat salads and fresh fruit (yin) in the summer (yang) and stew, cabbage (yang) in the winter (yin).


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