Phyllo dough & Jámon de serrano

This is a fresh egg from Princess Miu.
Instead of 'soldaatjes' I made phyllo dough with ham in the oven. Not the regular ham, but jámon de serrano.
I guess it was grilled for 'bout 5' - 10'.
This is my last day at work and as from tomorrow we have 3 weeks holiday!


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Visit of the taartenfee

Last week I visited the taartenfee with my little boy.
She moved to a new location in Kontich and I was very curious about it. She always gives me good advise and encourages me to continue being creative with food.
Her shop is amazing! I was so happy to meet her in real life as well (o;

Driving back home my car broke down. That was Murphy! No doubt about it. We needed to say a last time goodbye to my hubby's dad that evening, but we didn't make it. We were stuck for hours! Luckely I stopped next to a kinder garden and Daan Miles had an amazing time while I was waiting for the garage to pick up my car and my sister to get us out of there.
Daan Miles couldn't care less (o;

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Unagi Bento

Unagiiiiiiiiiiii (o;
Are u a friends lover?
Did u remember the episode 'the one with unagi'?
Ross, Monica and Rachel doing some self defence and Ross stating they lack unagi: total awareness. euh zanshin actually.
[Anguilla japonica]
Well in fact unagi means fresh water eel.
Anago however, means salt water eel.
I made some unagi the Japanese way and it was quit allright.
750g eel
2 tablespoons oil
4-5 tablespoons mirin
4-5 tablespoons soy sauce
Clean the eel and add the oil. mix well with ur hands and place under the grill.
Boil the mirin and soy sauce and pour a few spoons over the eels.
Put back under the grill until it's dry and repeat adding sauce until ur sauce is finished.
This takes about 10'.
What u see on the rice is from the package below. Shisho Furikake
It is made from with Japanese plum pieces (umeboshi), pickled beefsteak plant, sesame seeds, salt and soy sauce. Sprinkle it on warm rice and form into onigiri rice balls.
You have it in green as well made from radish.
♥Yum Yum♥

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Panda Kopanda bento - パンダ・コパンダ

Good morning all of u
Panda Kopanda is a Japanese movie from *Hayao Miyazaki*.
The fun thing about this movie is they really talk about obento as Mimiko, the little girl made obento for papa panda and baby panda.
This movie is amazing and so funny. We all love it so much.
Below, tortilla de patatas and nori, artichoke, broccoli, avocado with sesame seeds and yakitori.
Both artichoke and avocado is very good against cholesterol.
While broccoli is a breast cancer fighter.
I still need to choose my organic island lip balm @ playstand. Which one do you like?

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I won !!

3 days ago I told u guys and dolls I made a photopshop picture for a contest on cherryfizz?
Well the nice lady from the shop playstand who made this contest possible chose mine!
I am so happy! I thought we only had bad luck lately as it is quite a difficult time for us.
We won! I won! Oh happy happy me! Look @ me laughing. (o;
You can see the article on this website of Cherryfizz.
Here is a snapshot of the article:

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Tractor Cake

Good morning all,
Last week my li'l boy asked me to make him a tractor cake.
As it was the first time in his life he asked for a particular theme himself I was happy to make him this cake:
It's marble cake covered with white suga paste painted with edible paint.
Loves it!


Eggs on 60°C

In this experiment I tried to heaten the yolk of an egg to 60°C for about an hour or something. We luuuuved the hard yolk at the top as the skin on freshly boiled milk.
So for breakfast we had homemade rolls with goat cheese and yolk.




Wild Cherries


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This mom of 2 kids has a whole carreer on the internet. Currently because she just gave birth to Celina, her princess she is doing quite some win-actions.
I took part of one of them to win some organic island lip balm shell.
Take a look at the contest if you feel like: http://cherryfizz.nl/page/3/
She has a lovely feeling for digital scrap-booking-art but the make-up part is not my cup of tea.
I've send this for the game:
Comming up soon:
♥ do u also luv wild cherries?
♥ how to make larme du tigre shrimps? My mom gave permission for a real fotoshoot with her making this deliciousness
♥ how to: sticky rice in the microwave But first I'll need to go to the thai shop as I ran out of glutinous rice.

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Chinese temple Cake

Dear folks,
I didn't update my blog for a whole while. Hubbies dad passed away and we are in pain.
Still, we held my oldest sister's birthday-party a few days ago and I gave her this cake.
The chinese house was so lovely! I saw the image on the web. It was so peacefull, floating on a lake like in the korean movie spring, summer, fall, winter and spring.  Luvs it.