Unagi Bento

Unagiiiiiiiiiiii (o;
Are u a friends lover?
Did u remember the episode 'the one with unagi'?
Ross, Monica and Rachel doing some self defence and Ross stating they lack unagi: total awareness. euh zanshin actually.
[Anguilla japonica]
Well in fact unagi means fresh water eel.
Anago however, means salt water eel.
I made some unagi the Japanese way and it was quit allright.
750g eel
2 tablespoons oil
4-5 tablespoons mirin
4-5 tablespoons soy sauce
Clean the eel and add the oil. mix well with ur hands and place under the grill.
Boil the mirin and soy sauce and pour a few spoons over the eels.
Put back under the grill until it's dry and repeat adding sauce until ur sauce is finished.
This takes about 10'.
What u see on the rice is from the package below. Shisho Furikake
It is made from with Japanese plum pieces (umeboshi), pickled beefsteak plant, sesame seeds, salt and soy sauce. Sprinkle it on warm rice and form into onigiri rice balls.
You have it in green as well made from radish.
♥Yum Yum♥

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