I won !!

3 days ago I told u guys and dolls I made a photopshop picture for a contest on cherryfizz?
Well the nice lady from the shop playstand who made this contest possible chose mine!
I am so happy! I thought we only had bad luck lately as it is quite a difficult time for us.
We won! I won! Oh happy happy me! Look @ me laughing. (o;
You can see the article on this website of Cherryfizz.
Here is a snapshot of the article:

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Gepost door: Danielle | 05-07-10

dank je wel shopperella! me so happy hihi
Mooie website dat je hebt. Maak je al die tekeningen zelf?

☼☼ groetjes!

Gepost door: BentoMama | 06-07-10

proficiat! amaai da s kei mooi!!! goe gedaan!! xx

Gepost door: petitpetit | 06-07-10

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