This mom of 2 kids has a whole carreer on the internet. Currently because she just gave birth to Celina, her princess she is doing quite some win-actions.
I took part of one of them to win some organic island lip balm shell.
Take a look at the contest if you feel like: http://cherryfizz.nl/page/3/
She has a lovely feeling for digital scrap-booking-art but the make-up part is not my cup of tea.
I've send this for the game:
Comming up soon:
♥ do u also luv wild cherries?
♥ how to make larme du tigre shrimps? My mom gave permission for a real fotoshoot with her making this deliciousness
♥ how to: sticky rice in the microwave But first I'll need to go to the thai shop as I ran out of glutinous rice.

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