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Fellas, Princesses,
My hubby is doing well again! Yesterday the doc looked inside his heart (via his groin) but it was filled with luv (o; hihi He need to continue doing sports and eat less cholesterol.
Less cholesterol ??
Oh my dog. I cook fresh every day. Try to work with season fruit and vegi's and now they tell him there's 2 much cholesterol in his blood? grmbl
Anyway, let's look at it as new challenge.
I already asked the free cookbook at http://www.benecol.be
I am sorry I didn't make much of bento this week but with hubby in the hospital it wasn't easy. I did create these lovely t-shirts from totoro for Daan Miles.
Buy the papers from HP, print and iron them on a tshirt or whatever. It's cheap and unique. What do u want more? We love them (o;
I must admit I do regret I bought the labels for 10 euros at lovelylabels.com. You better make them your own this way.

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ik heb dat hier totaal gemist dat hij in het ziekenhuis lag...
oh my... ik hoop dat alles in orde zal komen. en idd... teveel cholesterol... dat lijkt me straf! maar ik weet zeker dat hij in goede handen is!

verzorg je ventje maar goed!


Gepost door: FiloSophietje | 04-06-10

thanks mieke !!
means a lot

Gepost door: BentoMama | 06-06-10

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