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Happy Friday guys & dolls!
A few days ago I made an uki bento with cheese for my godchild Dauw.
Oh-My-Dog... We luuuuuuuv uki!!!
It looks like the 3D animation of musti but it's waaaay more cuter.
Expect a real UKI wave
So here's a bisquit with klop-klop and fresh strawberries inside.
After trying to make a fresh bisquit from scratch a couple of times I just gave up and used the bisquit mix of aveve. I also have an oven heath controller now and I used the hot air oven. Splendid (o;
PS: note the rounded edges. an Idea of LilaVanille
The photoshop tutorial is here: http://www.absolutecross.com/tutorials/photoshop/interfac...




Stokje 3-10

3. I loooove my family and to be honost, partying comes along with my family. It's one word haha. Family and Friends are very important. What would you do without them? Filoe my american cocker is a family member as well ((o;

4. Even though I am just a beginner I like to practice taiji. I did gymnastics all my life but getting a bit older I had enough of it. Taiji is a bit too calm so I would like to do wushu as well once I am comfortable within taiji. I am a heart patient and taiji brings silence in my mind and my body. I just love it!

5. Point number 5 is what is on this blog... Bent♥♥♥ (o;

6. I lost my heart in Cambodia, in Prasat Kravan and Ta Prohm more exactly. I floated on Inlé Lake and saw people grow food and flowers on floating gardens. I feel at home at the other side of the world in a small village called Kaset Sombun. I am a world citizen. ((o; I am playing with the thought of writing a book about living between cultures. As there is something strange about it, lovable and funky (o;

7. Windows and cheap charly shopping. Despite the wealth and social platform we live in here in Belgium we are a very expensive country. So I buy loads of stuff in Thailand and nowadays I screen the internet looking for cheap prices and delivery costs. Bargains make me happy hihihihihihi.

8. IT: I am a woman of bits and bytes. I grew up between computers and I am working in IT for a very long time. I am ahum crazy about ITIL and luv to work with computers.

9 & 10 together as it is so important: ~Be loved~


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Stokje 1-2

Good morning all,
I urgently need to be a bit more creative because lately I haven't created any bento anymore. I guess it is because in May there are 2 much things going on.
However, I received the happy 101 stick from the luvely Lila Vanille (she's adorable u know). It is something virtual which describes what you luv and makes u happy.
So here is point 1:
1. My sweetheart Daan Miles: Are there words to describe how this li'l creature, my own creature, touches my life so deeply. How sucha small baby is able to put your world upside down? A small but brand new life is able to teach you the wisdom of his holiness the Dalai Lama. Where everything that was so important has no more value at all. Because of you, my luv Daan Miles.
2. That brings me to point 2. I don't know how to call this but it always makes me happy when I can do something for people without wanting something in return. Or even giving people the feeling of compulsion in returning something. It is awkward in this world, I know. And people think I'm nuts. But I would like to share this with others and keep this alive. Not everything has a price you know.

If ever you want to go on meditation training in Thailand you can always go to Wat Dhammakaya in Thailand - Bankok.

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Simpel Bento

haha! U wouldn't believe it but these were some left overs from the previous day going out for diner. Like every decent person with oriental genes u just cannot resist on doggy bags. (o;
We also completed Daan Miles' first week at school successfuly. It was a major step but my son is doing great. I am sucha proud mom (o;
Note the new picture below of the Belgian Wafer Cover. That's how my best friend wrapped them. Aren't they adorable?
Wishing u all a great long weekend and for the guys and dolls who are in town, don't forget there will be a enormous circus party going on in Leuven.

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Bento boys & girls


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Pink Cupcake Clouds for mommy day

Haha, u cannot see my cupcakes (o;
These were the yuzu cupcakes which were sooooo fine. I made them with a 4-4 cake recipe which is 1000 times better then the muffin recipe I used to use before. I just adore the name only: quatre quart. Yesss in Belgium we also speak French. (o;
3 eggs which u need to weigh +/- 125 g (we have small eggs from our own chickens)
The same amount butter, suga and flour. 2 packages of vanilla suga.
Mix thoroughly the sugar with the soft butter.
Add the egg yolks.
Add the sifted flour.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
Blend 1/4 of the eggs into the mixture to relax it and then combine the rest gently.
Bake in warm oven 180°C for about 30'... something
I still need to practice my swirls but I don't have tools making them luvely.
I do adore the cupcake wrappers!



Panda! Go Panda!

This Japanese movie is so fantastic.
It's a pitty this work of art is never translated in Dutch.
There are quite some Japanese movies which are fabulous. Luckely my li'l boy is still at an age where he doesn't care about the language *big smile*
This movie is about a little girl called Mimiko. She looks a bit like Astrid Lindgren's Pipi. She has no parents and lives with her grandmother beside a bamboo grove. One day Mimiko's grandmother goes away "for a while". A baby panda appears in the garden along with it's father, Papa Panda. Mimiko asks if Mr. Panda could be her father too, and he agrees.
We luv to sing this song! Makes u happy!



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Wafer Cover

Hi y'all
Today was the first day at school for Daan Miles.
We were very excited but he did great! I hope he will be fine. It's only a few hours and he will be with his lovely Katti soon.
I saw a mom and a little one both crying. oh dear!!
I was proud my baby learned so much these 2 years and a half and that he's strong enough he can go to school. Hallelujah!! We're blessed.
I am also developing a wafer cover for Lara's 3rd Birthday. My best friend's daughter.
If you want to use it just have it printed. Add a napking inside and stick it on the back with a lovely sticker (See below). Write the name in the label.
Have a luvely Monday!



fish sausages



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Happy Zoo


I am madly thinking about what to give my sweetheart at his first day at school.
It must be healthy and should provide him enough energy.
A fruit Saté would be fun (o;
It's a pitty it doesn't fit in a bentobox. So I must think about something else...
Countdown started...


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Okay, besides all the food, one must make fun as well! And sure they do (o;
Within 6 days he's off to school... oh dear.

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Yuzu !!

My mom gave me some dried yuzu. She gives me all kinda strange stuff which is quite unusual (o; But this is good against colds and it relaxes, so just add it in your hot bath. Maybe in combination with lavender you will sleep all night long.


Yuzu tea, however is a delicious delight and quite different then the types of tea we know. This is as u see a special citrus fruit closely resembles to mandarin but more sour... like grapefruit.
It is not dried but it's available in the eastern grocery shops in a small jar like marmalade, with honey and suga.
Try this in a cupcake or enjoy sum tea while it's still cold outside.

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Thai Fish Cakes - Tod Man Pla - ทอดมันปลา

That's so cool.
Each time I make these fish cakes my 2 man, the li'll and the big one, constantly walk into the kitchen. They loooooove fishcakes.
I make them the traditional way but without adding extra chili.
450 gr. white fish like pangasius or cod fish
1 egg
3 tabelspoons cornflour
1 tabelspoon fish sauce
Mix everything well in a food processor and add
1/2 cup fresh limes leaves thinly slice
3 teaspoons Red Curry Paste
100 g green beans, very finely sliced
Form with 2 rounded tablespoons and cook the fish cakes in heated oil until they are golden brown on both sides.


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Out of the womb


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welcome home dad & mom

Thus... This was the starter for the welcome home dinner for my mom & dad.
Ok they are already back for a month now and we enjoy it every day!


Chou Chou Train

This morning a bunch of people could have been injured by a *@|#-bus driver.
Do u sometimes get mad about public transport?
I was!!
Please enjoy my little twinkel star's 4 o'clock sweet and fruit.

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Choco cat

Dim Sum
Tom Ka Kung
Rice & Nori

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Shaping ur own totoro











bento cuddle bear

Today, I was doing some grosery shopping while suddenly I heared someone said, we need some potato chips lookin' cute for the kids.
I've been there, I've looked for it but I never ever found kawaii potato chips. Do u know some very delicious and cute potato chips?
Last year in Chiang Mai we had the best chips ever! We just ordered 'fresh potato chips' from the menu and it really was freshly made from one lovely piece of potato. Superb! (o;
Ok, the bento: My little friend loved the little pockets in mister cuddle bear's trousers. The mashed potatoes were very creamy because of the avocado's and carrots I added.

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