Happy Friday guys & dolls!
A few days ago I made an uki bento with cheese for my godchild Dauw.
Oh-My-Dog... We luuuuuuuv uki!!!
It looks like the 3D animation of musti but it's waaaay more cuter.
Expect a real UKI wave
So here's a bisquit with klop-klop and fresh strawberries inside.
After trying to make a fresh bisquit from scratch a couple of times I just gave up and used the bisquit mix of aveve. I also have an oven heath controller now and I used the hot air oven. Splendid (o;
PS: note the rounded edges. an Idea of LilaVanille
The photoshop tutorial is here: http://www.absolutecross.com/tutorials/photoshop/interfac...



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