Stokje 1-2

Good morning all,
I urgently need to be a bit more creative because lately I haven't created any bento anymore. I guess it is because in May there are 2 much things going on.
However, I received the happy 101 stick from the luvely Lila Vanille (she's adorable u know). It is something virtual which describes what you luv and makes u happy.
So here is point 1:
1. My sweetheart Daan Miles: Are there words to describe how this li'l creature, my own creature, touches my life so deeply. How sucha small baby is able to put your world upside down? A small but brand new life is able to teach you the wisdom of his holiness the Dalai Lama. Where everything that was so important has no more value at all. Because of you, my luv Daan Miles.
2. That brings me to point 2. I don't know how to call this but it always makes me happy when I can do something for people without wanting something in return. Or even giving people the feeling of compulsion in returning something. It is awkward in this world, I know. And people think I'm nuts. But I would like to share this with others and keep this alive. Not everything has a price you know.

If ever you want to go on meditation training in Thailand you can always go to Wat Dhammakaya in Thailand - Bankok.

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