Pink Cupcake Clouds for mommy day

Haha, u cannot see my cupcakes (o;
These were the yuzu cupcakes which were sooooo fine. I made them with a 4-4 cake recipe which is 1000 times better then the muffin recipe I used to use before. I just adore the name only: quatre quart. Yesss in Belgium we also speak French. (o;
3 eggs which u need to weigh +/- 125 g (we have small eggs from our own chickens)
The same amount butter, suga and flour. 2 packages of vanilla suga.
Mix thoroughly the sugar with the soft butter.
Add the egg yolks.
Add the sifted flour.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
Blend 1/4 of the eggs into the mixture to relax it and then combine the rest gently.
Bake in warm oven 180°C for about 30'... something
I still need to practice my swirls but I don't have tools making them luvely.
I do adore the cupcake wrappers!



Dat ziet er lekker uit! Spijtig dat we ze niet kunnen zien :) Hoe komt het eigenlijk dat ze roze zijn?

Gepost door: Lila | 19-05-10

Oh Lila !
Ik had zo klop klop gebruikt (dateert nog van toen ik piep was) en er vloeibare rode kleurstof bij gedaan)
Spijtig dat ik er geen kan doorsturen via de pc om is te proeven (o;

Gepost door: BentoMama | 20-05-10

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