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♥♥ Happy Friday ♥♥
After a lot of thinking I decided to launch a cupcake/muffin collection for the public.
So from now on, these little cuties are for sale.
But not via the regular channel, oh no. I wanted something different, something reachable for the actual audience, kido's (o;
So every Wednesday you can have a blast at the market in Haacht.




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Totoro Cake

Just because we all luv Totoro and we are almost back together as one family!
Miss u Maninintje Mandarintje, our youngest sister.
The luvely boys are Daan Miles, Dauw Sawaang & Pele Paican.




Quail eggs

Good Monday mornin' y'all (o;
This is very simpel and very cute as well.
Actually, u can do a lot with quail eggs when it comes to bento adventures.
The package below is a mixture of sesame seeds and salt. When u mix this with rice this is very delicious but when u add some more extra sesame seeds you can dip ur eggs in it and make them so luvely.
Enjoy ur week!
PS: This weekend was world taiji day. I enjoyed taiji outside with a whole bunch of people. I'll post some pictures of the event (o;


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Indian Lassi

Oh I cannot tell u how much I'm into Indian food nowadays (o; (See chapati)
Lately my little star luvs me making him a large Lassi.
I was never a big proponent of smoothies. But Lassi is superb!!
Lassi is a popular  and traditionoal Indian yoghurt based drink. You have 2 types of Lassi, the sweet one and the one with water and Indian spices. Did I already told u I am addicted to cumin? You can add it as well. (o;
So I always make the sweet one with fresh fruit for my baby.
Take a cup of yoghurt, add some milk and a hand full of berries. Add sugar as u like and mix well.
Do not forget the most important part: decorate well
big kiss.x

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Chorizo Bento

Ola Que Tal!
Apparently everybody luves meatloaf. Or should I call it meatluv (o;
I always add extra small pieces of carrots, onion, an egg and bread crumbs.
Mix well and make a nice shape. Put in the oven and add beef bouillon in your pan. Spoon the bouillon over the meat from time to time and leave it in the oven on 180°C for about an hour.
Even the day after, when it's cold meatluv is delicious...
I also added some slices of chorizo in the oven but oh gosh! Risotto chorizo is not good :(
The taste is too strong and it just isn't right.
PS: Happy earthday!


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Hello Kitty Pudding

I bought this lovely mold in Sun Wah Antwerp.
I can recommend u to always look carefully at the expiration dates of products u buy over there as they cut corners when it comes to this point.
Just use it to shape your pudding, gelato,...
Ok for sure I could make it nicer but I made this quite quickly... as usual (o;
Are u also always in a rush after work? I have the slightest feeling everybody wants a peace of mama (o;



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Mint pearls

What's a girl without pearls and diamonts? (o;
I've created an awesome tea this weekend. How I luv the sweet Maroccan mint tea. Don't u?
Plunch small green tapioca pearls into soft boiling water, suga and mint leaves. Leave it for half an hour and stir from time to time. Then shock it under cold running water.
Finally take a luvely glass and put some pearls at the bottom with mint tea.
Note the blue sky on the back (o; it's finaly spring yihaaaaa




Celery & wishes

Hi all,
Today I went to Penguin Village in Leuven. They'll help me to get my bento wishes come true. Yaaaj!! Diestsestraat 176
I bought this cute li'll totoro tissue box. In Thailand we call them tsjietsjoe, the tissues (o; Don't u luve it?
A while ago I was cooking and lost my celery. It was my little flower who took it.
So cute ((o;

So guys, enjoy ur weekend and think kawaii and healthy while doing grossery shopping (o;

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Hi Guys and dolls,
I just wanted to share some pictures with you how Macarons must look like.
I luv it when they are packed so precious. And I luv even more when they are so colorful.
Unlike people, packages of food do counts...


Lookin' for eastereggs

Morning ya all!
A couple of weeks ago, my li'll boy and I bought 2 chickens.
I called mine Princess Miu. Which means beautiful feather in Japanese.
And my son called his Paco Auto Toetoe.
His chicken gave us 2 beautiful small eggs at the beginning. But both our chickens now refuse to give us more.
So we started to spoil them now with delicious corn and lovely songs.
Look at my luv, he's celebrating Easter for the very first time in his entire life (o;
Luvs it

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Easter Cake

I hope u all enjoy ur weekend!
We do indeed. My parents just arived back from half a year staying in Thailand so we all are so happy.
Last weekend we visited Daan Miles other granny and grandpa and I've decorated this cake half an hour before leaving.
I think it's simpel but cute (o;

Tomorrow we're going to visit the Buddhist temple in Waterloo. Looking forward to it!




Totoro Chapati

Oh I luv chapatis!
Only writing 'bout it makes me longing for some. (o;
I've just cut out the shape of totoro and wrote on it with an eatable ink pen.
This lovely quiche is made with salmon, Gaudi-Cauliflower and leek.
It's quite easy to make. Just buy the paste, make sure to cook the vegetables first, combine all in a pie plate and add mixed cream, 3 eggs, p+s and nutmeg.


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Mornin' all,
I never thought to switch over to English as I wanted to inspire Flemish and Dutch people being more creative with food. After one year I came to the conclusion nobody even tried to make a bento which really disappoints me. I truly hoped to get more bentoholic moms making their little ones happy during lunch time.
I'll continue this journey, coz as soon as my angel goes to school it'll be a whole new experience for us.
I wonder, is it because I have Thai genes I am crazy about all this cuteness?
PS: If English bothers u, just let me know.
Lotsa luv

So below, I made some Chapati.
Chapati is actually flat bread which originates from India. It's so easy to make and still warm, it is delighted in a bento or with pitta.
250 g. flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
150 - 200 ml water
1 teaspoon Jintan - Cuminum cyminum - Cumin
Mix all together and knead dough for 10 minutes.
Form into a ball and cover it with a clean towel and stand for 1 hour or longer.
Shape into small balls.
Then roll out each one.
Heat a heavy-based frying pan until very hot and heat the chapatis for about 1 minute.
Turn and heat the other side for a minute, pressing lightly around the edges.
This encourages bubble to form and make the chapatis light.

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Plop Appels

Goed weekend allemaal!!
En een leuke paasvakantie (o;


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