Indian Lassi

Oh I cannot tell u how much I'm into Indian food nowadays (o; (See chapati)
Lately my little star luvs me making him a large Lassi.
I was never a big proponent of smoothies. But Lassi is superb!!
Lassi is a popular  and traditionoal Indian yoghurt based drink. You have 2 types of Lassi, the sweet one and the one with water and Indian spices. Did I already told u I am addicted to cumin? You can add it as well. (o;
So I always make the sweet one with fresh fruit for my baby.
Take a cup of yoghurt, add some milk and a hand full of berries. Add sugar as u like and mix well.
Do not forget the most important part: decorate well
big kiss.x

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mmmmmmmmm lassi

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petitpetit (o;

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