Lookin' for eastereggs

Morning ya all!
A couple of weeks ago, my li'll boy and I bought 2 chickens.
I called mine Princess Miu. Which means beautiful feather in Japanese.
And my son called his Paco Auto Toetoe.
His chicken gave us 2 beautiful small eggs at the beginning. But both our chickens now refuse to give us more.
So we started to spoil them now with delicious corn and lovely songs.
Look at my luv, he's celebrating Easter for the very first time in his entire life (o;
Luvs it

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Hallo bentomama, ik heb gereageerd op je eerste postje in het Engels, over de chapati's - ik wist niet of je het anders zou opmerken.

Gepost door: Lila | 13-04-10

die babsyyy word zo groot he
wat eeen kapoentje hihi

Gepost door: FUNked | 14-04-10

Australian chickybeejb!
I also want sum mascara (o;

Gepost door: BentoMama | 16-04-10

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